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Category: 'business'
N12 Treasure Route

business found in beaufortwest

ABSA 046-603-3000services

business found in bloemhof

ABC Stores 053-433-1238business_other
Bloemhof Abattoir 053-433-2127business_other
Bloemhof Commando 053-433-1307business_other
Bloemhof Kole 053-433-1476business_other
Bloemhof Melkery 053-433-0128business_other
Bloemhof Petroleum 053-433-0906business_other
Bloemhof Sand & Sement 053-433-1504business_other
Britz Truck & Towing 053-433-0680business_other
Broadway Bazaar 053-433-1486business_other
C & H Kontantwinkel 053-433-1214business_other
Caltex Oil (SA) (Pty) Ltd 086-030-0860business_other
Cash Wise 053-433-1085business_other
Cheetah Quick Cash 053-433-1690business_other
City Square Trading 464 (Pty) Ltd 053-433-0191business_other
Dairybelle 053-433-1016business_other
Diamond Route Service Centre 053-433-0327business_other
Diamond Route Steers 053-433-0324business_other
Ebrahims Cash Store 053-433-1230business_other
Essops Cycle Store 053-433-2068business_other
Joe's General Dealer 053-433-0656business_other
Joseph's Store 053-433-1083business_other
Justisie 053-433-1035business_other
Kameeldoring Boerdey 053-433-0926business_other
Kynoch Fertilizer 053-433-1532business_other
Kynoch Kunsmis Bpk 053-433-1532business_other
L D S D Algemene Handelaar 053-433-2192business_other
L J Trust 053-433-1753business_other
Landbou: Dieregesondheid 053-433-1415business_other
Lapland Grain (Pty) Ltd 053-433-0006business_other
Louhen Konsultante 053-433-1117business_other
Macks Petroleum 053-433-1694business_other
N K P Vervoer (Edms) Bpk 053-433-1104business_other
Noordkaap Lewendehawe 053-433-1958business_other
North West Agri 053-433-0001business_other
Omnia Kunsmis Bpk 053-433-2053business_other
Pennywise Cash Loans 053-433-1029business_other
Post Office 053-433-1098business_other
Snyders Meubels 082-870-6974business_other
Suidwes Afslaers 053-433-1149business_other
Suidwes Landbou (Edms) Bpk 053-433-1075business_other
T A U Meel Depot 053-433-0301business_other
Tiger Food Brands Ltd 053-433-1226business_other
Tsarona Cash & Carry 053-433-2192business_other
Viljoens Algemene Handelaars 053-433-1501business_other
Wesmeg 053-433-0274business_other
Zandveldt Graan Bemarking Bk 053-433-0006business_other
Kingswood 053-433-2142none
Dam Vleismark 053-433-2166retail
Visagie Slaghuis 053-433-1068retail
Foschini Ltd 053-344-1139retail
Pep Store Ltd 053-433-1435retail
Town Talk Fashions 053-433-2124retail
Alfa Kafee 053-433-1030retail
Bloemhof Spar 053-433-1458retail
Rus Kafee 053-433-1164retail
Salon Cecile 053-433-1114retail
Salon Elegant 053-433-1601retail
Desperado Hardware 053-433-1860retail
Bloemhof Drankwinkel 053-433-1031retail
Boitumelong Liquor Store 053-433-1492retail
Lion drankwinkel 053-433-1032retail
Mandy's Liquor Store 053-433-0487retail
JJ Motors Bk 053-433-1513retail
Jan Hannekom Bakkie Mark & Hersteldienste 053-433-1218retail
Sonop Onderdele 053-433-1394retail
X-Clusive Skryfbehoeftes 053-433-0735retail
Champion Chicks 053-433-0123retail
Dottie's Materiale 053-433-1584retail
Feuture Discount Shoes 053-433-2378retail
Hanlique Geskenke 053-433-0557retail
Hitachi Construction Machinery SA 053-433-1342retail
Lewis Stores (Pty) Ltd 053-433-2137retail
PC Varsprodukte Mark 053-433-1136retail
Peco Pawn & General Dealers 053-433-0555retail
Absa 053-433-1049services
Absa Bank Ltd 053-433-1049services
First National Bank 053-433-1012services
Standard Bank of SA Ltd 053-433-1021services
Beauty Shop The 053-433-1663services
Bloemhof Droogskoonmakers 053-433-1469services
Impack Electronics 053-433-1401services
B & L Viljoen Cashloans 053-433-0747services
F D T Marketing 053-433-1838services
Jireh Begrafnisskemas & Ondernemers 053-433-1814services
Koftou Insurance Brokers 053-433-0767services
Wesvaal Begrafnisondernemers 053-433-1078services
Schoeman & Ebersohn Prokureurs 053-433-1003services
Bloemhof Hospitaal 053-433-1146services
Bloemhof Kliniek 053-433-1736services
Coverdale Kliniek 053-433-1462services
Harley R Dr 053-433-1052services
Hospitaal Bloemhof 053-433-1146services
Lindenberg & Kempff Properties/Eiendomme 018-484-5071services
Bloemhof Apteek 053-433-1009services
Karin Botha Eiendomme 053-433-0175services
Muller GF: Eiendomsagente 053-433-1599services
Boss Sekuriteit 053-433-1835services
Fest Fire Security (Pty) Ltd 086-106-6969services
Chris Londt Service Station 053-433-1511services
Exel Topstop 053-433-0952services
Kairuz Ford 053-963-1297services
Top Stop 053-433-0733services
A & A Internet Services 053-433-2042services
Flowertown Furnishers 053-433-0125services
Fourie's Boating Services (Pty) Ltd 082-752-1199services
Frangipanie Florist 082-889-5430services
H D C Cashloans 053-433-2333services
Hatting PW: Waterstrome/Boorwerke 053-433-2161services
Prestige Auto Repairs 053-433-1875services
State Veterinarian 053-433-0500services
Beukes Johan Transport 053-433-1280services
Beukes Transport 053-433-1104services
Transtel (Bloemhof) Spoornet 053-433-1471services
Benny Ehlers Panelbeating 053-433-1671services
Chris Londt Dienssentrum 053-433-1511services
Supa Quick Auto Centres 053-433-1022services

business found in britstown

Britstown Small Loans 053-672-0486services

business found in carletonville

Aerated Cement Products cc 018-786-2170manufacturing
PM GRANITE 018 786 1818manufacturing
Oberholzer Motor en Trok 018-788-6155manufacturing
Oberholzer Motot en trok 018-788-6155manufacturing
ELCO MANUFACTURING 0117561750manufacturing
Easy Veggies 018 786 3644manufacturing
Kgabokgolo Business Investment 018-783-1306none
Gate Way Meat Market 018 786 1892retail
New Meat Market 018 784 4472retail
Oberholzer Butchery 018 788 5356retail
Oos Drie Butchery 018 781 1121retail
Prima Butchery 018 787 4818retail
Sircles Meat Market 018 788 4652retail
Sonop Butchery 018 786 2883retail
Super Butcery 018 787 5588retail
Tower Butchery 018 786 3505retail
Welverdiend Butchery 018 784 4617retail
Worskoning 018 780 1197retail
Afro Cats 018 786 1438retail
Ashleys Boutique 018 788 5371retail
Bridal Boutique 018 786 1015retail
Dukes Outfitters (pty) ltd 018 786 1229retail
Ebony Family Fashions 018 787 3907retail
Edgars 018 787 2071retail
Exact 018 786 2544retail
Executive Brides 018 787 3301retail
Fashion World 018 786 1431retail
Foshini Ltd 018 787 4166retail
Gate Way Fashions 018 786 2062retail
Its your Trendy Wear 018 786 3900retail
Jut Stores 018 787 2023retail
Katys Fashions 018 788 3515retail
Loreens Boutique 018 788 4412retail
M S Footwear 018 787 3517retail
Mantzanis Ladies Boutique 018 788 6432retail
Markhams 018 786 1303retail
Miladys 018 788 4173retail
Model Boutique 018 788 2963retail
Mr Price 018 787 4235retail
PEP Stores 018 787 5455retail
Sawasdee Boutique 018 788 3078retail
Topic Stores 018 788 3767retail
Truworths 018 787 2191retail
Woolworths 018 786 1083retail
Deelkraal supermarket 018 785 5411retail
Deep Levels Supermarket 018 787 4668retail
Discount Supermarket 018 787 3858retail
Elansridge Super Save 018 782 1617retail
Elrand Supermarket 018 782 1453retail
Fairtreat Bazaar 018 787 4655retail
Friendly Crocer Villa 018 787 4761retail
Oberholzer Cafe & Supermarket 018 788 3857retail
P R M Deli & Minimarket 018 784 4936retail
Pick n Pay Supermarket 018 786 2040retail
Pick n Pay minimarket 018 787 4810retail
Sherlock Supermarket & Bakery 018 787 2861retail
Shoprite Checkers 018 787 4045retail
Star Cash & Carry 018 786 1640retail
Sunshine Cafe & Supermarket 018 784 4440retail
The Exitement Store 018 786 3467retail
Trios Supermarket 018 781 1259retail
Welverdiend supermarket 018 784 4361retail
Whitehouse Supermarket & Take Away 018 786 2262retail
Wonderfontein Fruit & Veg 018 787 3196retail
Zuber Supermarket 018 787 4428retail
Classic Touch Proffesional Hair 018 788 3695retail
Dawies Barbershop 018 788 3396retail
Gold Flame Hair Salon 018 780 1863retail
Optimus Hairdressers 018 788 4472retail
Pieties Barber 018 787 2934retail
Rosleens Hairstylists 018 786 1502retail
Salon Julie 018 788 3918retail
Salon Sonskyn 018 789 9958retail
Way Ahead Hair & Beauty Salon 018 786 1600retail
Whispers Hairsalon unisex 018 788 5489retail
Blyvoor Hardware 018 786 3367retail
D S Services & Hardware 018 789 9349retail
Decor Paint & Hardware 018 787 5880retail
Gibbs Tools & Hardware 018 788 6477retail
Key Masters Locksmith 018 788 6300retail
Marshall Hardware 018 787 2417retail
Oberholzer Timber & Hardware 018 788 2356retail
Shape Tools & Equipment 018 788 5825retail
American Swiss Jewellers 018 788 5539retail
Chris Jewellers 018 788 4712retail
Galaxy jewellers 018 786 1817retail
Jolan Jewellers 018 788 6212retail
Sterns Jewellers 018 788 5029retail
Blyvoor Liqour Store 018 789 9123retail
Carleton Cellars 018 788 5888retail
Carlton Breweries 018 787 4553retail
Carltonville Hyper Liqour 018 788 2395retail
Flint Spot-on Discount Liqourstore 018 788 3367retail
Liqour Lapa 018 787 2110retail
Luigis Liqour Store 018 788 2489retail
Oberholzer Liqour Warehouse 018 787 4615retail
Picardi Rebel Liqours 018 786 2002retail
President Liqour store 018 787 3558retail
Top 200 Liqour Store 018 788 5874retail
Wedela Liqour Store 018 780 1560retail
Wesgoud Liqour Stores 018 784 4488retail
West Wits Bottle Store 018 787 2110retail
Woodhurst Liqour Wholesalers 018 787 4559retail
Xtreme Zone cc 082 660 8390retail
Nashua 018 788 4152retail
Samsung PABX Equipment 080 011 8887retail
Sunrise Bakery 082-909-0214retail
Big Deal Pawn Shop 018 787 2804retail
Cash Crusaders 018 788 4812retail
Furniture World & Pawn 018 787 5522retail
Goud R F Pawnshop 018 788 6893retail
J B C Pawn Shop 082 950 9440retail
J J Pawn shop 018 787 3050retail
Jumbo Pawn Shop 018 787 2957retail
Nicks Pawn Shop 018 786 1188retail
Oberholzer Pawnshop 018 788 6362retail
Phambile Pawn Shop 018 789 8206retail
Carletonville Sports Complex 018 788 9642retail
De Witt Accountants 018 787 5781services
Phillip Miller & Co Accountants 018 788 3053services
Quest Bookkeepers 018 786 7648services
Tax Warehouse CC-Tax Consultants 018-788 6203-5-7services
Tax Warehouse cc 018 788 6203services
The Tax Warehouse CC-Accountants 018-788 6203-5-7services
Van Der Westhuizen & Cronje Accountants 018 788 6717services
Pioneer Auctioneers 018 787 2902services
ABSA 0182933236services
ABSA Bank 018 787 4141services
ABSA Bank Call Centre 086 000 8600services
ABSA Bank Home Loans 086 011 1007services
ABSA Bank Lost & Stolen Cards 080 011 1155services
ABSA Vehicle & Asset Finance 086 066 9669services
ABSA insurance_brokers 018 787 4141services
Absa 018-788-6737services
African Bank Ltd 018 788 2162services
Bankfin Finance Bank 018-788-2141services
Fisrt National Bank 018-787-2501services
Gold Fields Recreation Club 018-788-6766services
Nedbank 080 011 0929services
Nedbank 018-788-1430services
Nedbank 018-788-2381services
Old Mutual 018-788-2370services
Peoples Bank 018 787 5873services
Standard Bank of S.A 018 788 3301services
Carletonville Dream Nails 018 787 3507services
Cherenique Beauty Salon 018 788 3762services
Inch by Inch 018 788 3233services
Slender Body Image 018 787 3507services
D & D Construction 018 787 2294services
Denmar Construction 018 787 3677services
Genrock Construction 018 786 1481services
Irahalak Construction 018 786 2706services
J J C Mining & Construction 018 788 2150services
Jolowe Construction 018 786 2141services
Murganite Construction 018 787 2167services
Pavemaster 0824343838 / 01878843services
Perfect Bathrooms 078-342-6639services
Robrick Construction 018 784 4833services
Roys Steel Construction & Erection 018 788 3152services
S & S Sales & Construction 018 789 8776services
Tsepiso Builders cc 018 787 2294services
W D S Construction 018 788 3296services
Westville Construction 018 784 4722services
Zikhali General Construction 018 788 2287services
comfort designs 0842055184services
Overvaal Courier Service 018 788 2708services
Moodley R Dr 018 788 4918services
Taylor E Dr 018 788 5113services
Van Rensburg Frik Dr 018 788 3223services
Poodles Doggy Parlour 018 787 4442services
Rainbow driving_school 018 788 5526services
Carpet Cleaning Specialists 018 787 5175services
Sirs dry_cleaners 018 786 2367services
Tip Top dry_cleaners 018 788 4688services
Deebar Electrical 018 787 4068services
ESKOM 018 788 2488services
Impilo Electrical Contractors 018-786-1771services
Magpower Electrical & Mechanical cc 018 786 1068services
Middel Electrical Wholesalers 018 788 6214services
N B Electrical 018 851 7971services
SCI Electrical instruentation 018 786 3108services
Smit Electrical & Lawnmower Services 018 788 6682services
Armaco Engineering 018 786 2647services
Gatsrand Engineering 018 787 4055services
Hermar Engineering & Services 018 786 1080services
Hydrostat Transmission Engineering 018 784 4301services
L & P Engineering 018 765 1043services
Lamco Engineering 018 787 4931services
M S D Engineering & Minning Supplies 018 787 5479services
P & A Engineering 018 787 2165services
P N T Engineering 018 786 2122services
Pump Doctor & Engineering Services 018 788 5668services
Recon Engineering & minning Supplies 083 629 7595services
Rightway Engineering 018 788 6621services
Robtek Plant & Engineering Service 018 786 1903services
Universal Engineering 018 786 1551services
AfricaBrokers.Com West Rand 0119554174services
CIP - Debt Counsellors 018-786-1639services
Delicado & Kie Rekenmeesters 018 787 3639services
Easy Cash Loans 018 788 4867services
Hlano financial_services 018 786 1281services
JPC Cash Corp. 018 786 3055services
Khayalethu Home Loans 018 786 1285services
Kimble Brokers 018 786 1061services
Mabuza financial_services 018 786 3844services
Makashane Financial Serv 018 788 5672services
Masiza Finance 018 787 2996services
Micro Finance 018 788 4523services
Optimum Financia Services 018 786 1882services
Phambile Cash Loans 018 789 8206services
Pro-Debt Administrators 018 786 4359services
Stannic 086 012 3002services
Tax Warehouse Bond Originators 018-7862758services
Tax Warehouse financial_services CC 018-788 6203-5-7services
The Tax Warehouse CC-Accountants 018-788 6203-5-7services
The Tax Warehouse CC-Tax Consultants 018-788 6203-5-7services
Ultrafin Financial Solutions 018 787 2512services
Viva Cash Loans 018 786 3211services
AVBOB 018 786 2216services
Batho Batsho Bakopane funeral_services 018 786 2572services
Granite Tombstone 018 787 2233services
Martins Funerals 018 786 3105services
Trisana mmogo Funeral Soc 018 788 2333services
Biddulphs Removals & Storage 018 788 3208services
Petfords furniture_removals 018 788 6751services
Alfa Gardens 018 787 2909services
Alfa Gardens 018 787 2909services
Buzy Bee Nursery 018 786 1397services
Elvor Lawnmowers & Electrical Sales & Repairs 018-7861647services
Mooitooi Nursery 018 787 3268services
Western Levels Nursery 018 788 6861services
ACME Stores (pty)ltd 018 788 6626services
Afrox Ltd 018 787 4168services
Bears 018 788 3374services
Bradlows 018 787 4041services
Clicks 018 787 2408services
Discom Discount Stores 018 788 6253services
Electric Express 018 788 4124services
Ellerines Furnishers 018 788 3341services
Lewis Stores 018 788 3397services
Lubners Furnishers 018 788 6788services
Morkels 018 788 6761services
Mr Price home 018 788 3322services
Musica 018 786 3237services
O K Bazaars 018 787 4702services
Obee Furnishers 018 788 5166services
One price Store 018 786 3634services
Pearl Furnishers cc 018 788 6754services
Pine Shop 018 787 3328services
Russels 018 787 2171services
The Exitement Store 018 786 3467services
Town Talk Frnishers 018 787 5938services
Estelle Entrepeneurs 018 787 5866services
Mutual & Federal insurance_brokers 018 786 1147services
Nedrand insurance_brokers 018 788 6797services
Old Mutual 018 788 2378services
Rand Mutual Assuranse 018 788 1900services
Rite Sure Insurers 018 786 3080services
Santam 086 012 2331services
Teleplex 086 012 2747services
Teleplex 018 781 1251services
Westhea Brokers 018 787 2512services
Willie van Zyl Makelaars 018-468-8349services
B & M Mining cc 018 786 3424services
Employment Bureau of S.A. 018 787 4031services
The Employment Bureau of Africa 018 789 9382services
Cass Pierterse Attorneys 018 787 5134services
G C N Nungane Attorneys 018 788 4366services
Jooste Slabbert & Moodie Attorneys 018 787 4126services
Joubert Chris Attorneys 018 786 3911services
Laage Schoeman & Stadler Inc 018 787 2157services
Legal Voice 018 787 5273services
Legal Wise 018 787 4608services
Legal advise Consultants 018 787 2866services
Muedi & nemaname Toorneys 018 788 5110services
Oosthuizen & Roeland Attorneys 018 786 2940services
Scorpion Legal Protection 018 788 6960services
Shongwe Nkwana Attorneys 018 788 3214services
Snyman & Venote Attorneys 018 787 2926services
Van Staden & Luus D Attorneys 018 788 6528services
Van Vuuren Fanie inc. Attorneys 018 788 6715services
Van Zyl Attorneys 018 786 1869services
Venter L Attorneys 018 788 3285services
Aoun G F Dr 018 786 3360services
Asvat E Dr 018 787 5535services
Barnes DF Dr 018 786 3283services
Blood Transfushion Serv 018 011 9031services
Du Buisson Bruinette & Kramer 018 787 3075services
Eloff JZ Dr 018 786 3205services
Emby DJ Dr 018 786 3183services
Flint House Health Institute 018 787 5522services
Goldfields Health Services 018 781 1627services
Goqo K D R Dr 018 788 6270services
Haber H E Dr 018 788 3082services
Herbalife Independant Distibutor 086 010 1034services
Hjul K G H Dr 018 781 2098services
Hygiene Specialists 018 787 5175services
Igolide Health Networks 018 788 7000services
Jacobson JD Dr 018 786 1156services
Lancet Laboratorium 018 787 3879services
Leslie Williams Private Hospitale 018 788 1000services
Mashigo TH Dr 018 783 2313services
Mines Rescue Service 018 781 1141services
Omar AA Dr 018 786 2166services
Oosthuizen R Dr 018 788 3346services
Poly Clinic 018 786 2369services
Robinson AE Dr 018 786 2958services
Schutte J Dr 018 788 3478services
Townsend HC Dr 018 787 2078services
Van Wyk AW Dr 018 788 3264services
Van Zijl JJ Dr 018 788 3218services
Visser Y Dr 018 788 3218services
Vlok A Dr 018 788 6319services
Western Deep Levels Hospital 018 788 8100services
Carletonville Herald 018 788 6693services
Carletonville Press 011 787 2091services
Mooivaal Media 018 788 6693services
Sky Radio 018 786 3165services
Vision Newspaper 018 788 6693services
Du Pisanie Optometrist 018 788 2852services
Du Plessis Optometrist 018 786 1340services
Eyeperoptics 080 011 3732services
Gate Way Optometrist 018 788 6999services
Golden Vision optometrist 018 788 2397services
Optometrist 018-786-1340services
E M International Placement Agency 018 786 3999services
Kgalagadi Labour hire 018 786 2706services
Netmark Labour Hire 018 788 3202services
P C R Labour Hire 018 788 2765services
Adlams Oberholzer Pharmacy 018 788 3357services
Carltonville Pharmacy 018 788 3339services
Deejay Chemist (pty)ltd 018 788 3253services
Family Circle Pharmacies 018 788 3254services
Medville Pharmacy 018 787 3860services
Nu Reef Pharmacy 018 788 4934services
S Buys Carletonville Pharmacy 018 788 4178services
Scriptwise Courier Pharmacy 018 788 5814services
African Explosives 018 788 3390services
Axhunt (pty)ltd 018 788 6670services
Carlton Transport & plant_hire 018 787 2860services
Carltonville Hydraulics 018 788 2317services
Coastal Hire 011-693-7055services
Delra Planthire 018 787 3014services
Jones WP Planthire & Construction 018 787 5616services
Scorpion Plumbers 018 787 2616services
Hi-Way Signs 018 788 2730services
Minuteman Press 018 294-8501services
Pam Golding Properties 018-788 6203-5-7services
Tax Warehouse Bond Originators 018-7862758services
Tomstar Properties 018 788 6298services
Power Product Support 018-786-3224services
Bosasa Security Serv 018 789 8036services
Cectronics Security Services 018 786 2315services
Gladiator Security Services 018 788 4338services
On Site Security 018 788 5290services
Protea Security Services 018 782 1429services
ProtectionONE 082-680-9422services
Caretonville Motors 018-788-3351services
Carletonville Exel 018-788-5400services
Fomiss Carletonville 018-786-2402services
Khutsong Service Station 018-783-1767services
Map Pin 018-786-2402services
Slabbert Motors 018-787-5943services
Zenex Blyvoor (Elands) 018-789-9046services
Zenex Carletonville 018-787-5831services
Affordable WebCreations 084-608-5106services
FIND IT FAST 084-608-5106services
ISP Connect 018-788-6997services
Ida Krugel Data Capturing Services 018 784 4776services
Amken Transport 018 788 2393services
Carletonville Transport 018 788 6751services
City to City 018 788 5357services
Dayulowe Transport 018 786 1035services
Trailwy Bus Lines 018 788 6784services
Vaal Maseru Bus Services 018 787 4341services
WELTIES TAXIS 018-788-4345services
Welties Taxis 018 788 4345services
West Wits Transport Co. 018 788 4012services
Carlton TV & Radio Centre 018 787 4605services
Discount Radio & TV Centre 018 787 5211services
Early Bird Services 086 113 1313services
Mastercare 080 011 1818services
Multitec TV 018 788 3416services
Spectrum Radio & TV Centre 018 786 1400services
A B C Motor Spares 018 786 7585services
A B C Scrapyard cc 018 787 3537services
A B C Used Spares 018 787 3537services
All Car Automotive Repairs 018 788 2031services
Art's Motor Mart (Pty) Ltd 018-787-5800services
Auto Clinic 018 787 3238services
Auto Service Centre 018 786 1140services
Auto Spares & Engineering 018 788 3417services
Auto Wheel & Tyre 018 786 1255services
B & A Spares & Hardware 018 786 1711services
Battery Centre 018 788 3326services
Bearing Man 018 787 3575services
Bearings International 018 788 6672services
Blyvoor Service and Fitment Centre 018-789-8237services
C & S Performance Centre 018 787 4321services
CG Bearings (Pty) Ltd 018-787-3660services
Carletonville Panelbeaters 018 786 2466services
Carletonville Radiator Services 018-788-5237services
Carlton Brake & Clutch Centre 018 786 2210services
Carlton Midas 018 787 5831services
Century Motors 018 788 3274services
D J Motors 018 788 5081services
DSM Radiators and Cooling 018-786-2663services
Delta 018 786 3338services
Dolomite Motors 018 788 5095services
Eagle Truck & Car Services 018 788 2049services
Ed's Toyota 018-786-2444services
Elcor Auitomotive 018 788 2031services
Engelbrecht Trailers 018 787 4416services
Fasfit Pty 018 789 8237services
Flash Motor Spares 018 787 2691services
Fourway Motor Engineering 018 786 1995services
Fourway Motor Engineering 018-786-1995services
G M Western Opel & isuzu 018 786 3338services
Gate Way Auto Spares 018 786 1337services
Gate Way Volkswagen 018 788 6731services
Gregs Spares 018 787 2923services
Hi-Way Motor 018 784 4322services
Invicta Bearings & Transmission 018 786 2802services
J C Cylinder Head Centre 018 786 1265services
Jimmy Gibbs Motors 018-787-2965services
John Mather Auto Electrical 018 788 6584services
Karmarie Motors BK 018-788-2380services
Kotwals Motor Spares 018 786 3542services
Kriscor Motors 018 788 5424services
Kwikfit Safety Centre 018 782 1063services
Midas Parts Centre 018 787 5831services
Motolek Auto Electric 018 787 2760services
Nortjes Motor Engineers 018 786 2700services
Otties Exhaust 018 787 3046services
Reaksie Motoronderdele 018 784 4227services
Reef Tune-up & Panelbeaters 018 788 5237services
Reliable Tyres 018 788 6988services
Ronda Exhaust 018 788 4879services
Safe Care Auto Electrical 018 788 3782services
Safe-T Tyre service 018 787 4051services
Silverton Radiators 018 788 5091services
Slabbert Motors 018 787 5944services
Space Exhaust & Tyre 018 787 2836services
Supa Quick Auto Centres 018 788 4879services
Super Spares 018 786 2003services
Trentyre 018 787 4051services
Unicus 018 786 1476services
Unicus Executive Auto 018 786 3809services
Uys Motors 018 788 3391services
Verre Wes Autohaus 018 788 6731services
Volkswagen Agents 018 788 6731services
Wesrand Panelbeaters 018 787 4366services
Western Spares & Accesories 018 786 1702services
Wilbur Repairs & Maintenance 018 787 4711services
Mr Video 018-788-5182services
Pearl Video Centre 018-787-3866services
Video Pit 018-788-3660services
Bakwena Liqour Wholesalers 2018 783 1953wholesale
American Wholesalers 018 787 2747wholesale
Annah Chickens 018 788 6023wholesale
Free Spirit Food supplies 018 786 2622wholesale
Gate Way Wholesale Meat 018 788 6863wholesale
Goldstreet Wholesalers 018 788 5231wholesale
Hekpoort Foods 018 788 3740wholesale
Metro Cash & Carry 018 788 3237wholesale
O B C Chicken 018 786 3636wholesale
Red Cap Chickens 018 786 1632wholesale
Red Cap Hyper 018 788 5328wholesale
The Chicken Wholesalers 018 788 2205wholesale
The Skipper Delicatessen 018 788 6534wholesale

business found in christiana

Abraham General Dealer 053-441-2986business_other
Agrivan Farming (Pty) Ltd 053-441-4002business_other
Alpha Agro Chem 053-441-2170business_other
Appliance Warehouse 053-441-3688business_other
Bayagro-Sentraal (Edms) Bpk 053-441-3168business_other
Beefmaster Feedlot 053-441-9100business_other
Belle Rive Trust 053-441-3898business_other
Blue Flame 053-442-8092business_other
Build It Christiana 053-441-2009business_other
Business Harmony (Pty) Ltd 053-441-2674business_other
C N S Group 053-441-3500business_other
C R Radio 053-441-2004business_other
Calby Farming 053-441-2945business_other
Callender-Easby 053-441-3282business_other
Christiana Glaswerke 053-441-3850business_other
Christiana Kommando 053-441-2154business_other
Clove Workshop 053-441-3001business_other
Corner Savings 053-441-3121business_other
Country Chicken 053-441-3780business_other
Fortweber Boerdery 053-441-3728business_other
Furncity Furnishers 053-441-2832business_other
Gina Gordyne 053-441-2744business_other
Glockenspiel SA Staanhorlosies 053-441-2156business_other
Grandfather Clocks 053-441-2156business_other
Ipi Tombi (Christiana) 053-441-2141business_other
Lewkor Agentskappe 053-441-3856business_other
Liebherr Africa (Pty) Ltd 053-441-3719business_other
Limelite 053-441-3971business_other
Lowveld Agrichem 053-441-2026business_other
My Plekkie 053-441-3261business_other
Nashua 082-800-0693business_other
Nooitgedacht Sandwerke 053-441-2905business_other
Omnia Kunsmis Bpk 053-441-1673business_other
Oos-Transvaal Kalkverskaffers 053-441-3916business_other
Post Office 053-441-2100business_other
Prinsloo & Vennote 053-441-2043business_other
R & P Turning 053-441-2130business_other
Rascal Seed Research Laboratories 053-441-3408business_other
Rascal Seeds Distributors 053-441-2002business_other
Roadmac Surfacing (Pty) Ltd 053-441-3839business_other
S A Feed Phosphates (Edms) Bpk 053-441-3300business_other
Saamstaan Saailinge 053-441-3050business_other
Senwesko Voere (Edms) Bpk 053-441-2281business_other
Sidiparani (Edms) Bpk 053-441-2171business_other
Steyns Handelshuis 053-441-2681business_other
Suidwes Landbou (Edms) Bpk 053-441-3302business_other
Taul Meule 053-441-3511business_other
Three Provinces Trucking 053-441-3713business_other
Utlwanang Advice Centre 053-441-2965business_other
Vaal Rivier Salt Works 053-441-3911business_other
Vaalrivier Saad Agentskappe 053-441-3101business_other
Versatex Trading 053-441-4001business_other
Wilson Agri Makelaars 053-441-3244business_other
Christiana Brickworks 053-441-2054manufacturing
Christiana Steenmakery 053-441-2054manufacturing
Jerieka Boumateriaal 053-441-2176manufacturing
Travrykra Steenmakery 053-441-2054manufacturing
Kynoch Kunsmis 053-441-2171manufacturing
West Free State Potato Growers (Pty) Ltd 053-441-2241manufacturing
Ons Vleismark 053-441-2182retail
Foschini Bpk 053-441-2161retail
Pep Stores Bpk 053-441-2166retail
C & D Supermark 053-441-3291retail
Cafe Toscana 053-441-3266retail
Christiana Spar 053-441-2124retail
Flamingo Supermarket 053-442-8877retail
Geluksoord Kafee 053-441-2063retail
Score Supermarket 053-441-2181retail
Toggekry Supermark 053-441-2108retail
Beautified Haarkappersalon 053-441-2094retail
El-Maj Hair & Beuaty 053-441-3704retail
Hair & Beauty Palace 053-441-2810retail
Salon Simu-Nette 053-441-3059retail
B J S Furniture 053-441-3736retail
Callies Hardware 053-441-2346retail
Die Meubelmark 053-441-2276retail
Christiana Bottle Store 053-441-2045retail
De Beers Liquor Store 053-441-2220retail
Lilly's Liquors 053-441-2249retail
Outeniqua Drankwinkel 053-411-2220retail
Raps Drankwinkel 053-441-2518retail
Christiana Autospares 053-441-2930retail
G W K Bloemheuwel Vulstasie 053-441-2472retail
Overvaal Motors 053-411-3887retail
SPA Filling Station 053-441-3674retail
La Fleurette Bloemiste & Skryfbehoeftes 053-441-3451retail
Christiana Auto & Trekkers 053-441-2659retail
Christiana Minimark 053-441-2119retail
Feature Discount Shoes 053-441-3491retail
Lewis Stores (Pty) Ltd 053-441-2047retail
De Wit & Seuns 053-441-2050retail
Absa Bank Bpk 053-441-2217services
First National Bank 053-441-2221services
Standard Bank SA Pty 086-010-1341services
Standard Bank of SA 053-441-2729services
Atlas Dry Cleaners 053-441-2597services
GM Electrical 053-441-2190services
C P P Engineering cc 053-441-3147services
D C H Truck Engineering 053-441-3387services
Christiana Makelaars 053-441-3002services
H & M Makelaars 053-441-3305services
H P Prinsloo & Associates 053-441-3884services
HDC Cashloans 053-441-2395services
P J Keeve: Geoktieerde Rekenmeesters 053-441-2229services
Phakisa Cash Loans & Funeral Rentals 053-441-2751services
Vermeulen Boekhouers 053-441-2425services
Avbob 053-441-2103services
Saafas Begrafnisdienste 053-441-2172services
Nel H J: Versekeringsmakelaars 053-441-3305services
De Klerk Prokureurs 053-441-3520services
Heidi Van Rensburg: Prokureur 053-441-3313services
Mostert & Rossberg Attorneys 053-441-3749services
Christiana Hospitaal 053-441-2238services
Christiana Mediese Sentrum 053-441-2227services
Primere Gesondheidsorg 053-441-2104services
Viviers PJ Dr 053-441-2568services
Christiana Apteek 053-441-2064services
De Wilger Eiendomme 053-441-2159services
Impala Eiendomme 053-441-2361services
Noordwes Eiendomme & Afslaers 053-441-3417services
Fest Fire Security (Pty) Ltd 086-106-6969services
Engen Christiana 053-441-3860services
Tadcaster Garage 053-441-3872services
Atlantic Internet Services (Pty) Ltd 053-474-1291services
Build It Christiana 053-441-2009services
Christiana Hydraulic Services 053-441-3088services
Dieregesondheid 053-441-2069services
Dierehospitaal 053-441-2250services
Waitnette Vervoer 053-441-3698services
Agri Bande & Dienste 053-441-2286services
Berti's Diesel Repairs 053-441-3438services
Christiana Brake & CLutch 053-441-3022services
E S S Garage (Pty) Ltd 053-441-9001services
E S S Toyota & Panellkloppers Bk 053-441-9000services
E.S.S. Panelbeaters 053-441-9004services
Kwik-Fit Safety Centre 053-441-2192services
Newlook Paneelkloppers 053-441-2485services
Tadcaster Garage 053-441-3872services
Toyota Agente 053-441-9000services

business found in emalahleni

Casper Van Der Nest (MIAC) 082-929-5955services
GPM Business Solutions 072-225-4762services
Artistic Design 013-656-4640services
BNI 073-426-9646services
Grafika Web Studio 082-517-4130services
ABSA 013-697-6200services
African Bank 013-692-5008services
Capitec Bank 013-692-7133services
FNB 013-692-4899services
DHL Express 013-692-8851services
Fastway Couriers 013-692-3601services
Showme Online Media 044-533-6289services
Star Signs & Customs 082 339 7117services

business found in hartbeesfontein

Continental Generators 018-431-1817manufacturing
Plaasvleis Slaghuis 018 431 0888retail
Ranch Vleismark 018 431 1584retail
Camajaci Mart (Sports & Outfitters) 082 373 4816retail
PEP Stores 018 431 1904retail
Hartbeesfontein Mini Rama 018 431 0196retail
Mintys & Sons General Dealer 018 431 0736retail
Mintys Hyper World 018 431 0599retail
Modimosana General Dealer 018 431 0832retail
Moosas Hartebeesfontein Cash Store 018 431 0033retail
Paardeplaas Kontantwinkel 018 431 2020retail
Salon Salindra 018 431 0172retail
AA Projects cc 082 850 -1739retail
Hartbeesfontein Bottle Store 018 431 1685retail
Inter Computers 018 464 3446retail
ABSA Bank 018 431 0188services
Absa 018-431-0934services
Nedbank 018 431 0673services
Nedbank 018-431-9000services
JG Steel & Steelworks 018 431 0777services
U T I Sun Couriers 018 431 0096services
Snip & Rissiepit Doggy Parlour 018 431 2246services
ESCOM Customer Services 018 431 0522services
Kohan Elektries 018 431 0396services
Q Electric 018 431 0712services
Van As Engineering 018 431 0130services
Burger & Schoombie Accountants 018 431 0699services
Ferreira & Kie Financial Planners 018 431 0685services
H D Cash Loan 018 431 0388services
Western TVL Monumental Works 018 431 0087services
Omnia Kunsmis 018 431 2158services
Corporate Service Provider 018-771-7738services
Joint Community Employment Service 018 431 0321services
Quatrotec cc 018 431 0010services
Vermaas CP & Cronje Attorneys 018 431 0670services
Geldenhuys J J Dr - Vetenarian Surgeon 018 431 2138services
Hartbeesfontein Clinic 018 431 0306services
Pretorius MM & Stevens CJ Dr 018 431 0679services
Tigane Clinic 018 431 0162services
Hartbeesfontein Pharmacy 018 431 0697services
Elsa Properties 018 431 1222services
Lindenberg & Kempff Properties/Eiendomme 018-484-5071services
JM Matwasse 076-850-2426services
KMR Internet Connections 083-383-8839services
Gys Roos Motors 018 431 0096services
Hamman Motors 018 431 0153services
Pieterse Garage 018 431 0035services
R M S Auto Electrical 018 431 0152services
Topax Service Station 018 431 0707services
Country Bird 018 431 1012wholesale

business found in hopetown

Du Toit & Prinsloo Accountants 053-203-0006services
FNB 053-203-0021services
Schutte Prokureurs 053-203-0264services
Venter Hersteldienste 053-203-0091services
Dreinkonyn Loodgieters 083-780-3768services

business found in johannesburg

D M C B Design & photography 011-463-4938services
88 Designs 011-942-5421services
Huisman Photography 084-460-6818services
Lasting Image photography 011-802-5987services

business found in kimberley

Super Cars 053-831-1101retail
Capitec Bank Diamond Pavilion Mall 053-832-4367services
Standard Bank Diamond Pavilion 053-836-5520services
Hair Worx 053-861-1378services
Easy Skips 078-319-2891services
Amphibic Design 053-830-8000services
Zoomink 053-861-2572services
Big Five Construction, Plant Hire 053-832-1101services
Turbo Cool Kimberley 053-832-9809services

business found in klerksdorp

A & J Steel Windows 018-462-7457business_other
A A J Mining & Construction 018-484-4401business_other
A A Minty 018-462-2362business_other
A B I Ltd 018-469-1391business_other
A E L: 018-477-1062business_other
A G Gaglio & Co 018-462-3904business_other
A G I Glass & Alluminium 018-469-3331business_other
A K Bazaar 018-464-1050business_other
A M C Cookware (Pty) Ltd 018-462-5954business_other
A R S Bpk 018-468-5206business_other
AA Trailors 018-468-2331business_other
Abbatoir (Klerksdorp) 018-464-1001business_other
Aerial Pro 083-226-6034business_other
Africa Fried Chicken 018-464-5824business_other
Afrikaner Winkel 018-467-8622business_other
Afrox Ltd 018-462-5755business_other
Afval Galore 018-462-5497business_other
Agrimax Landboudienste 018-468-8043business_other
Alicewear (Pty) Ltd 018-462-3641business_other
Allan Contractors 018-468-2657business_other
Alluminium Unlimited 018-468-5212business_other
Alnieuwco Recycling (Pty) Ltd 018-484-2719business_other
Alpha Plastic Products 018-462-2655business_other
Alsagranite 018-462-8723business_other
Alu Glass 2000 018-462-3303business_other
Ambassador Risk Solution 018-464-3118business_other
Amy's Home Industries 018-468-6139business_other
Anstelle Trustee Bk 018-468-6556business_other
Anton Rossouw (Edms) Bpk 018-464-4534business_other
Art of Beuaty The 018-484-1199business_other
Ascend Multi Products 018-464-3922business_other
Ash Engine Reconditioners 018-469-4567business_other
Atlas Copco Industrial Technique 082-412-3910business_other
Atlas Plastics 018-469-1201business_other
Au Pair in America 086-110-0279business_other
Auto Haus 018-462-8132business_other
Auto Junction 018-462-1062business_other
Auto Mart 018-462-6191business_other
Auto Supreme 018-462-8227business_other
B C S Petroleum 018-462-8034business_other
Bargains Post & Homes For You 018-462-8809business_other
Barloworld Equipment Handling 080-001-2076business_other
Bates Mining Specialists (Pty) Ltd 018-469-1051business_other
Bearings International 018-462-4523business_other
Bellambie Mining & Industrial (Pty) Ltd 018-464-2446business_other
Bello Dona Trading 3 (Pty) Ltd 018-462-9241business_other
Benheim (Edms) Bpk 018-462-6596business_other
Bev's Shoppe 018-468-8490business_other
Blou Bul Afslaers 018-469-3399business_other
Cool Journey Traders CC 083-667-9294business_other
Cool Journey traders cc 083-667-9294business_other
Indgro Holdings (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349business_other
Indgro Holdings (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349business_other
Information Kiosk 018 468 8022business_other
Outgro (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349business_other
Quick Care 018-468-1911business_other
Andre Construction 018-462 1316manufacturing
Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Techniques 018-468 6129manufacturing
Bencrete Produkte 018-469-1097manufacturing
Bonus Building Supplies 018-462 6505manufacturing
Camorhai Construction 018-462 6587manufacturing
Cashbuild 018-469 1381manufacturing
Corhob Construction 018-462 2020manufacturing
H.K.Konstruksie 018-462 5855manufacturing
Hanbo Construction-Civil 018-462 9658manufacturing
Minroc Mining & Civil Construction 018-464 1917manufacturing
Palisade City 072-545-8455manufacturing
Rock Building Supplies 018-464 4948manufacturing
Sedolo Contractors 018-464 3176manufacturing
Silverline Construction 018-468 6697manufacturing
Klerkscale LTD 018-469 1371manufacturing
Prime Instrumentation 018-462 7561manufacturing
Anlo Melkery 018-469-3411manufacturing
Dairymaid-Nestle 018-469 1150manufacturing
Golden West Selected Seeds & Produce 018-462 3731manufacturing
Horizen Feeds 018-469 3896manufacturing
A.J.N. Mining Supplies 018-462 4190manufacturing
Aartappels SA Produsente Organisasie 018-469-2616manufacturing
Adendorf Machinery Mart. 018-462 1116manufacturing
Afrca Bolt & Tool 018-462 7162manufacturing
Almec Manufacturing 018-469 3202manufacturing
Alpha Plastic Products 018-462 2655manufacturing
Argilla Potterbakkersware 018-468-5199manufacturing
Atlas Plastics 018-469 1201manufacturing
B.C.S. Petroleum 018-462 8034manufacturing
Bafana Steel 018-462 8986manufacturing
Benade Kabinetmakers 018-469-3637manufacturing
C & S Pan Oil Distrabutors 018-462 1355manufacturing
CRR Lighters 076-248-2459manufacturing
Centric engineering 018-469-3189manufacturing
Chemrick Pumps 018-464 8130manufacturing
D.O.C.Electrical & Mechanical Mining Supplies 018-464 1457manufacturing
Dall Industries 018-469 4281manufacturing
Danco Steel Works 018-462 4187manufacturing
Dyna-Flow Cylinder Manufacturing cc 018-464 1011manufacturing
Dyna-Flow cc 018-462 6500manufacturing
Essops Linen House 018-462 3086manufacturing
Fibreglass Perfection 018-462 8896manufacturing
Fun Fabrics 018-464 4080manufacturing
General Optical Co. 018-462 1753manufacturing
Hydro Brick & Tile 018-469 1322manufacturing
K.M.A.Gasket Manufacturers 018-462 2571manufacturing
Kwalta Paints cc 018-464 1896manufacturing
Lets Trade 018-462 0515manufacturing
N.J.Chemicals 018-462 8020manufacturing
Quality Coal cc 018-462 1469manufacturing
S & S Snacks 018-469 2014manufacturing
Sabat Battery Co. 018-469 4387manufacturing
Sacca A 018-462 8066manufacturing
Safari Foam Centre 018-462 2829manufacturing
Safechem Industries 018-462 7469manufacturing
San Africa 018-464 4085manufacturing
Sasol Oil 018-462 2988manufacturing
Steel Giant 018-464 4611manufacturing
Wahl - Rich 018-469-1692manufacturing
Western Fabrics 018-464-2179manufacturing
Zodiac Industrial Products cc 018-468 6371manufacturing
Carand Poultry 018-469-1049manufacturing
Durable Ceramic Pottery cc 076 979 3787manufacturing
ELCO MANUFACTURING 0117561750manufacturing
Parties 4 Kids 084 510 1431manufacturing
Rubber Stamp City 018 464 2395manufacturing
Humming Designs 018-468-4376none
Batloung Butchery 018-465 3269retail
Batloung Slaghuis 018-465-2707retail
Dagbreek Slaghuis 018-469 3344retail
Die Vleismark 018-462 4750retail
Elite Meat 018-469 3193retail
Goudkop Slaghuis 018-468 8450retail
Hyper Meat 018-462 2416retail
Hyper Meat & Chicken 018-462 1988retail
Ithuseng Market 018-462 3960retail
Klerksdorp Meat & Chicken 018-462 5065retail
La Hoff Slaghuis 018-468 2931retail
Meat Market 018-462 3659retail
Meatforce Butchery 018-462 2971retail
Meiringspark Slaghuis 018-469 1676retail
O.B.C. Chicken 018-464 2501retail
Oase Vleismark 018-468 6987retail
Prima Slaghuis 018-462 4531retail
Roosheuwel Meat Market 018-462 2401retail
Songloed Meat Market 018-469 2709retail
Toms Vleismark 018-468 6165retail
Ackermans LTD. 018-462 1576retail
Ackermans Ltd 018-462-1576retail
Angels Wear 018-462 5182retail
Baby & Kidz World 018-468-1123retail
Bs Fashions 018-462 8211retail
Edgars Stores 018-462 8500retail
Fashion World 018-462 2133retail
Foschini LTD 018-462 8480retail
House Of Fashion 018-464 3132retail
Mr Price 018-464 4420retail
Springbok Tailors & Outfitters 018-462 5225retail
Truworths 018-462 9921retail
Ultimo 018-462 3423retail
Woolworths 018-464 3081retail
A S Civic Centre Cafe 018-484-1864retail
Afrikaner Winkel 018-467 8622retail
Alpha Beta Family Mart 018-462 7521retail
Alpha Beta Spar 018-462 7521retail
B & G Shoppe 018-462 1917retail
Bellavista Portuguese Market 018-469 2401retail
Buffels No1 018-482 1456retail
Busy Corner Superstore 018-465 6383retail
Central Fruit Market 018-462 6034retail
Dikela Tuck Shop 018-465 6096retail
Doringkruin Supermarket 018-468 8489retail
Elan Portuguese Market 018-462 3269retail
Express Quik Spar 018-469 1062retail
Flora Supermarket 018-468 4744retail
Fruit & Veg City 018-464 4536retail
Giant Wholesalers & Supermarket 018-465 6349retail
Highway Take Aways & Supermarket 018-462 7087retail
Ikes Supermarket 018-465 6506retail
Impala Supermarket 018-464 3264retail
Itsmart 018-462 7107retail
M.C.C. Superspar 018-468 6926retail
Mannys Supermarket 018-462 4051retail
Meiringspark Kafee 018-469 2303retail
Neserhof Supermarket 018-462 1866retail
New World Wellness 0824533619retail
Pick n Pay Hypermarket 018-406 8000retail
Pick n Pay Minimarket 018-469 2641retail
Shoprite (Klerksdorp) 018-464 1411retail
Totos Cafe 018-462 7865retail
African Cosmetis Centre 018-462 1488retail
Annique Skoonheid Salon 018-468 2426retail
Black Apperance 018-462 7110retail
Bona Hair Salon 018-464 3870retail
Cleopatra Hair International 018-462 8398retail
Creative Cuts Hair Studio 018-469 2281retail
Elcazets Nael Skooheid & Haarsalon 018-464 2397retail
Exclusive Boutique & Salon 018-462 4700retail
Fancy Flair Hair Studio 018-464 3619retail
Golden Cut Salon 018-464 2838retail
Hair Attraction 018-464 1857retail
Hair Expressions 018-462 5807retail
Hair Talk 018-468 8771retail
Marchas Dog Salon 018-469 3621retail
Marlenes Hair Fashion 018-468 8868retail
Mike Hair Studio 018-462 3573retail
Millennium Cutters 018-464 1485retail
Pom-Pom Hondesalon 018-468 1855retail
Salon Gigi Hair Styles 018-468 8778retail
Salon Hair Trend 018-462 5475retail
Salon Leo-Lin 018-468 1503retail
Salon Rogelle 018-462 4917retail
The Hair Junction 018-468 8487retail
Zaan Mari Skoonheidsalonne 018-462 2275retail
AA Projects cc 082 850 -1739retail
Barkers Hardeware & Slotmakers 018-462-8531retail
Barkers Hardware & Locksmith 018-462 8531retail
Barkers Ysterware 018-462-8531retail
Isaacs Hardware 018-462 8021retail
Klerksdorp Tool 018-462 1115retail
Schapows Hardware 018-462 1470retail
American Swiss Jewelers (Pty) Ltd 018-462-8302retail
American Swiss Jewellers 018-462 8302retail
Beytell's Jewellers 018-468-6595retail
Browns Jewellers 018-464 3346retail
Caress Diamond house Jewellers 018-462 1414retail
Crystal Galvanizing 018-469 4454retail
DIAMONDS.CO.ZA 0827820176retail
Diamond House Jewellers 018-462 1414retail
Geels Jewellers 018-464 1283retail
H.Geels Jewellers 018-464 1283retail
Kings Jewellers 018-462 3810retail
Unique Jewellers 018-462 7038retail
Alabama Drankwinkel 018-467 8999retail
Alabama Drankwinkel 018-467-8999retail
B G Drankwinkel 018-464-2518retail
B.G.Drankwinkel 018-464 2518retail
Bens Discount Bottle Store 018-465 7057retail
Bergkelders Die 018-469 1311retail
Cape Wine 018-469 1311retail
Castle Wine & E.K.Green 018-469 1311retail
City Mall Drankwinkel 018-462 8453retail
Die Bergkelder 018-469 1311retail
Distillers Corp LTD 018-469 1311retail
Doringkruin Hyper Liquor 018-468 4986retail
Ellaton Bottle Store 018-462 5463retail
Flamwood Bottle Store 018-468 2181retail
Flimieda Drankwinkel 018-468 5878retail
Flimieda Spot-On Discount Liquor 018-468 5878retail
Goudkop Drankwinkel 018-468 7152retail
Kaapwyn 018-469 1311retail
La Hoff Drandwinkel 018-468 7274retail
La-Hoff Spot-On Discount Liquor Store 018-468 7274retail
Mega Liquors 018-464 1685retail
Meiringspark Drankwinkel 018-469 4414retail
Midwest Drankwinkel 018-462 1640retail
Phoenix Bottle Store 018-464 1601retail
Picardi Rebel Liquors 018-462 6595retail
Randles Discount Liquor Store 018-464 2666retail
Adamay Motors 018-468 8300retail
Al-Aqsa Motor Spares 018-462-6093retail
Aldor Motors 018-462 9833retail
Andersonstraat Werkswinkel 018-464-1007retail
Anton's Domestic Spares 018-464-2289retail
Asber Motors 018-462 3584retail
Audi Klerksdorp 018-462 6491retail
Audi Klerksdorp 018-462-6491retail
Auto Mart Motors 018-462 6191retail
Auto Pedigree 018-462-4073retail
B P North West 018-462-9142retail
B P SA (Edms) Bpk 018-464-1075retail
B.M.W. Dealers 018-462 4508retail
Barts Motors 018-469 2403retail
Battery Centre 018-462-6022retail
Battery Hyper Sound & Security 018-462-5338retail
Bearing Man Ltd 018-462-5222retail
Berea Motors 018-462 4134retail
Berea Motors 018-462-9834retail
Car & Auction Centre 018-462 1811retail
Cargo Motors Klerksdorp 018-464 1581retail
Central Trucks & Tractors 018-468 5250retail
Citi Car 018-462 2383retail
Daewoo Motors 018-462 1738retail
Daly B.M.W. 018-462 4508retail
Danlou Motors 018-462 9833retail
E.B.Motors 018-464 3529retail
Eljy Motors 018-462 4186retail
Ellaton Motors 018-462 2311retail
Fast Motors 018-462 2688retail
Flimieda Motors 018-468 3331retail
Ford Dealer 018-462 4508retail
Frog Racing Accessories cc 018 462 4162retail
G & M Motors cc 018-464 1706retail
Gough Motors 018-462 4508retail
Hoofdrif Motors 018-469 4575retail
Impala Motors 018-462 4542retail
Irenepark Motors 018-462 7597retail
Iveco Truck & Bus 018-462 2912retail
Kia (Klerksdorp) 018-462 7811retail
Klerksdorp Daewoo Motors 018-462 1738retail
Klerksdorp Motor & Truck Scrapyard 018-469 1324retail
Klerksdorp Motors 018-462 2728retail
Klerksdorp Nissan 018-462 3542retail
Klerksdorp Truck & Bus 018-462 9456retail
Kyalami Motors 018-464 1207retail
L & F Motor & Truck 018-469 1302retail
Midcity Motors 018-462 8099retail
Midway Motors 018-462 6102retail
Motorcycle Den 018-464 2220retail
N & L Motorcycles 018-464 4229retail
Neserhof Motors 018-462 1490retail
Norfan Motors 018-462 5592retail
Northwest Driveline 018-464 1948retail
Northwest Vehicles 018-468 7852retail
Oranje Toyota 018-464 1501retail
Parts United cc 018-462 9718retail
Peacock Truck & Bus Parts 018-468 1103retail
R.B.Motors 018-464 1967retail
Reef Motors 018-462 1351retail
S & S Motors 018-468 4357retail
Speed Bike 018-464 1885retail
Speedy Car Sales & Bakkie Centre 018-462 6984retail
Speedy Engine Exchange cc 018-462 3333retail
Ultra Motors 018-464 1801retail
http://www.computershop.co.za 018-462-5207retail
Budget Colour Copies 018-468 5021retail
C & I Graphics 018-468 8828retail
C.I.A. On Sight Computers 018-468 7660retail
Canon North West 018-462 1701retail
Capricorn Colour Print 018-468 4366retail
Compu - Bar 018-464 1400retail
Compu Pro Print 018-462 1897retail
Computer Connection The. 018-464 2427retail
Games & PC Sound cc 018-464 3031retail
Global Data Solutions 018-464 0021retail
INTER COMPUTERS 018 464 3446retail
Inter Computers 464 3446retail
Inter Electron 018 462 9974retail
Inter Electron 018 4629974retail
Klerksdorp Copy & Print 018-462 1865retail
Klerksdorp Minolta 018-464 1081retail
Konica Office Place 018-462 1726retail
M.C. Computers 018-462 9006retail
Minolta North West 018-464 1081retail
Nashua North West 018-464 2595retail
North West Minolta 018-464 1081retail
P.C.Direct 018-468 7954retail
Printer Refills & Cartridges 0184624369retail
Ronmar Office Equipment & Computers 018-462 7563retail
Shield Safety Products 018-462 6384retail
X-plicit Computers 0723752226retail
Xerox South Africa 018-462 9640retail
Zentek Computers 018-468 8526retail
Barotti Skryfbehoeftes 018-462-6806retail
Booknet Office Supplies 018-462 2053retail
Drawing & Office Equipment 018-462 9787retail
Eldore Office Equipment 018-469 3855retail
K.I.J.Office Supplies 018-469 4466retail
Ronmar Office Equipment 018 4627563retail
Thebe Phatshwa Trading Enterprise 073 344 1220retail
Thebe Phatshwa Trading Enterprise 073 344 1220retail
Waltons Stationery 018-462-5872retail
A.A.Minty 018-462 2362retail
A.G.Gaglio & Co 018-462 3904retail
A.G.S.Eagles Nest 018-468 8880retail
A.M.C. Cookware 018-462 5954retail
Adendorff Machinery Mart 018-462-1116retail
Afrox LTD 018-462 5755retail
All Your Appliances 018-464 4989retail
Alpha Cable & Scrap Dealers 018-462 6223retail
Alu Glass 2000 018-462 3303retail
Anlo Melkery 018-469 3411retail
Annmare Arts & Home Industry 018-464 4299retail
Argon Arc Welding Supplies 018-464 4253retail
Arts & Pottery 018-462 2136retail
Arts & Pottery 018-462-2136retail
Arvee Office Furniture 018-462 3990retail
Ascot Catering Equipment 018-468 8642retail
Ates Frames 018-462-9257retail
Avery Berkel Weighing Equipment 018-462 9741retail
Avroy Shlain 018-468 6348retail
Avroy Shlain 018-468-6348retail
B & G Shoppe 018-462-1917retail
Badkamerwinkel Nuwe 018-462-6842retail
Badkamerwinkel Nuwe BK 018-462 6842retail
Bambi Baby Needs 018-462-6825retail
Bargains Furnishers 018-464 4594retail
Barnetts Furnishers 018-462 8497retail
Beads Bug & Craft cc 018-468-7886retail
Beares 018-462-3511retail
Bearing Man LTD 018-462 5222retail
Bearings International 018-462 4523retail
Bears 018-462 3511retail
Berkot Fence & Gate 018-469 3123retail
Bernina (Klerksdorp) 018-464-2416retail
Bibis Handmade Craft 018-468 6473retail
Big Bs Chickens 018-462 9203retail
Big D Cycles 018-469 4162retail
Bike Tech 018-462 6174retail
Biltong Hut 018-462 9628retail
Biltong On Wheels 018-464 1793retail
Biltong Vir Afrika 018-468 8768retail
Blommemark 018-462 2472retail
Bolt World 018-462 1263retail
Bond Industries 018-469 4440retail
Bouquet Boutique 018-468 5382retail
Bradlows 018-464 1636retail
Busy Bee Bazaar 018-462 8251retail
C.B.S.Cellular 018-462 7986retail
C.T.M. 018-469 1424retail
Cameraman North West 018-462 1500retail
Canopy Empire 018-462 8993retail
Canopy Land 018-464 1572retail
Canopy Land 018-464 1572retail
Cec-Signs 018-468 8507retail
Cedar Radex Paint & Laquer Industries 018-469 1275retail
City Mall Centre Management 018-464 3449retail
Clicks Stores 018-462 9896retail
Czanks Camera Centre 018-462 5267retail
Daily Flora 018-469 2878retail
Daily Fresh Housewifes Market 018-469 2811retail
Dalma Cables & Scrap Dealer 018-462 6004retail
Danfurn Meubels 018-462 3196retail
De Bruyn Cameras 018-468 4851retail
Deutz Diesel Power 018-462 1745retail
Die Blommemark 018-462 2472retail
Die Blomwinkel 018-462 1257retail
Dingo Cycles 018-468 3121retail
Diskom Discount Stores 018-464 2054retail
Doors For Africa 018-462 6356retail
Dulux Paint Centre 018-462 2785retail
Dulux Paint N Paper 018-462 2126retail
Dynamic Cleaning Products 018-468 4269retail
Ellerines Furnishers 018-462 4848retail
Empire Furniture 018-462 3803retail
Ernst Scrap Metal 018-462 7954retail
Exotic Birds & Fish Paradise 018-468 6277retail
Flamwood Biltong Boutique 018-464 4744retail
Flash Cash For Scrap 018-469 2530retail
Flowermarket 018-462 2472retail
Flowers @ The Mall 018-462 6315retail
Four Seasons Boutique 018-462 8343retail
Four Seasons Milk Shop 018-464 2953retail
Frost Refrigeration & Autoaircon 018-462 6564retail
Fuelogic 018-464 2678retail
Furn City 018-462 8093retail
Furniture Discounters 018-462 4963retail
Game 018-464 1157retail
Gasman 018-462 5600retail
Geen & Richards 018-462 7481retail
Glasfit 018-464 3922retail
Glomail 018-462 3126retail
Grassnyerddienste 018-462 2806retail
Handy House The 018-464 1678retail
Happys Cycle Works 018-462 3081retail
Hartbeesfontein Store 018-462 1799retail
Heatwave Showroom 018-462 8319retail
Henred Fruehauf Trailers 018-462 8400retail
Hi-Energy Mining Supplies 018-468 8698retail
Highveld Cane & Upholstery 018-462 9273retail
Ideas 2000 cc 018-462 8817retail
Identity Stores 018-464 1211retail
Imoac Sound & Sun 018-464 1106retail
Imports For Africa 018-468 1171retail
Indigo Screen Printers 018-462 4802retail
Instantprints & Duplicators 018-462 7556retail
Intech Services 018-462 1792retail
Inter-Electron 018-462 9974retail
Interflora 018-462 4413retail
Interkosh Pendelars 018-468 3128retail
Irene Tuinsentrum 018-464 2031retail
Irenes Boutique 018-462 3728retail
Ismail Ahmed & Sons 018-462 8391retail
J.B. Refrigeration 018-464 1837retail
K.F.Fabrics 018-462 6120retail
Kamelia Florists 018-462 6647retail
Kara Bazaar 018-462 8142retail
Kays Sound & Cycle 018-462 8961retail
Keltronic TV & Satellite 018-468 5939retail
Kindermusiek S.A. cc 018-468 5143retail
Kirbies Household Appliances 018-462 1616retail
Klerksdorp Appliances cc 018-462 3440retail
Klerksdorp Canvas & Mining Supplies cc 018-469 1798retail
Klerksdorp Forklifts 018-469 2648retail
Klerksdorp Orthopaedic Centre 018-468 8870retail
Klerksdorp Shoe Centre CC 018-462-7603retail
Klerksdorp Sign Centre 018-462 1050retail
Klerksdorp Woonwaens 018-462 7261retail
Kokkies Scrapyard 018-462 4764retail
L.G. Electronics S.A. 018-462 3634retail
Leons Toys & Hobbies 018-468 4298retail
Lewis Stores 018-462 3791retail
Limfrie Timber City 018-462 4901retail
Lubners Furnishers 018-462 9727retail
M.A.C. Hydraulics 018-469 3682retail
Minty A.A.cc 018-462 2362retail
Minys Enterprises 018-462 4362retail
Mondi Mining Supplies 018-462 2561retail
Morkels 018-462 6421retail
Mover World 018-469 1127retail
Mr Salad 018-464 1198retail
Musica 018-462 6497retail
Musikland 018-462 6407retail
Naphtronics Inc. 018-465 4937retail
Nicol Pools Chemicals cc 018-462 3224retail
Noordwes Sand & Stene 018-462 0654retail
North West Cellular 018-462 2477retail
O.K.Furniture 018-462 3860retail
P.G. Glass 018-462 2179retail
Paint Africa 018-464 4085retail
Paint Centre 018-462 3366retail
Philips S.A. 018-469 1983retail
Plascon Paints 018-468 8766retail
Power Tools Centre cc 018-462 7353retail
Professional Mining Products 018-462 5499retail
Prominant Paints 018-462 8712retail
Ranch Furniture 018-464 3045retail
Red Discount Centre 018-462 6157retail
Reef & Rural Sales 018-468 1804retail
Reeva Beauty & Health Products 018-468 4553retail
Repcom 2-Way Radios 018-468 3013retail
Royal Fabrics 018-462 8391retail
Royal Furnishers 018-464 1266retail
S.M.S. Lighting 018-462 2618retail
Samsung Telephone Systems 018-464 1213retail
Savells Furnishers 018-462 9774retail
Score Furnishers 018-462 3726retail
Sentrasure 018-462 9666retail
Sharp Electronics 018-462 4485retail
Sharpening Centre 018-462 1612retail
Shoe City 018-462 6612retail
Silverline Gun & Sport 018-468 6697retail
Sound Vision 018-462 6739retail
Spec Savers 018-462 1751retail
Star Shop Equipment 018-464 3013retail
Super Quick TVs & Satellite 018-464 2599retail
Tile Africa 018-464 4085retail
Timbercity 018-462 4901retail
Trail Fab Trailers 018-464 3100retail
Twenty First Century Cycles 018-464 4622retail
Universal Engineering Supplies 018-462 7488retail
Vodacom LTD 018-462 1349retail
Vodashop Klerksdorp 018-464-3146retail
Wescar Scrapyard 018-462 9623retail
Western Bazaar 018-464-1107retail
A & P Scrap Metals & Waste 018-484-3024retail
Alpha Cable & Scrap Dealers 018-462-6223retail
Asber Motors 018-462-3584retail
Autorama 018-462-1802retail
Cash Crusaders 018-464 3519retail
Cash Pawn 018-462 1501retail
Cosmos Pandwinkel 018-464 2591retail
Gold Fields Pawn Shop 018-464 3911retail
King Pawn 018-464 4202retail
Rainbow Pawnshop 018-462 2478retail
Richies Pawn Shop 018-462 9373retail
Star Mining Supplies 018-462 7434retail
A.K.Bazaar 018-462 8891retail
Asvat Me cc 018-462 8871retail
Camajaci Mart (Sports & Outfitters) 082 373 4816retail
Des Fontaine Sports & Guns 018-462 5269retail
Klerksdorp Sports Shop 018-462 1965retail
Le Roux Sport & Leisure 018-468 4082retail
M.B. Sport 018-462 9273retail
She Sport & Schoolwear 018-462 7322retail
Totalsports 018-464 3386retail
Badenhorst & Wentzel 018-468-3312services
Barnard Annatjie 018-468-8779services
Elite Accounting Service 018-462 9501services
Finserv Accounting Services 0828812863services
Gaglio & Associates 018-462 4379services
Magic Accounting 0828812863services
Pace Accounting & Associate Services cc 018-462 8228services
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Inc. 018-462 4721services
Professional Accounting & Auditors 018-462 8228services
Quick & Flexible Accounting cc 018-464 2526services
Viljoen & Kie 018-468-2473services
Y. Minty & Co. 018-467 5158services
A.V.Advertising 018-468 6485services
Advalue Advertising & Marketing 018-468 5152services
Advalue Advertising & Marketing 018-468-5152services
Digital Edge Productions 018 788 4770services
Noordvaalnuus 018 484 1008services
F.H.V. Architechs 018-462 7531services
ABSA Bank 018-406 1000services
Absa 018-462-9531services
Absa 018-406-1212services
Absa Bank Bpk 018-468-5320services
Absa Private Bank 018-468-9600services
Absa Regional Office 018-468-9400services
Afrcan Bank 018-464 2830services
African Bank Ltd 018-464-2830services
Barclays Western Bank Ltd 018-462-8298services
FNB 018-468-8388services
FNB 018-468-9900services
Nedbank 018-464-0560services
Nedbank 018-464-9100services
Nedbank 018-464-9100services
Nedbank 018-468-8080services
Old Mutual 018-464-1441services
Old Mutual 018-464-1694services
Standard Bank 018-406-6000services
Standard Bank 018-464-8440services
Standard Bank 018-462-8922services
Standard Bank 018-468-3552services
Standard Bank 018-468-5920services
Standard Bank 018-462-9485services
Standard Bank of SA Ltd 086-010-1341services
Wesbank 018-462 9721services
Annique Skoonheid Asook Verslanking Salon 018-468-2426services
Saleens Health & Beauty Clinic 018-468 7825services
Aerolite 083-357-0881services
Ba-Agi Home Builders 018-464-4003services
Bekker Piet & Seun Boukontrakteurs (Edms) Bpk 018-462-4897services
Continental Services 018-468-6222services
CornerStone Developments and Construction 082-373-4357services
HavCarpets 0184641031services
Khubung Projects cc 084 433 3879services
Le Roux Bouers 018-462 1318services
Moll Konstruksie 018-469-1977services
Tovani Trading 38 cc 083 334 5522services
WM TOILET HIRE 0827871457services
WM toilet hire 082-787-1457services
Staff Performance Enhancement Consultant 082 852 3219services
Julipo Couriers 018 468 8860/1services
Bertrand Frank Dr 018-484-2094services
Autobos Training Centre +27822577088services
He & She driving_school 083 955 9447services
He & She driving_school 083 955 9447services
Alpha Dry Cleaners 018-464-3390services
Alpha dry_cleaners 018-464 3390services
B G Dry Cleaners 018-462-2308services
B.G.dry_cleaners 018-462 2308services
Eureka Droogskoonmakers 018-462 5221services
Ju Mari Laundry 082-470-2470services
Klerksdorp Laundry 018-464 1830services
Klerksdorp dry_cleaners 018-462 7321services
Modern Cleaners 018-468 3947services
THE LAUNDRY BASKET 084-731-9573services
ABC Construction & maintenance 082-329-7422services
Best Electrical 018-462-3005services
Calmyn Electrical 018-469 3181services
Diesel Electric cc 018-462 3746services
Dups Electrical 018-464 1163services
E.B.S.Electrical Contractors 018-468 4329services
Electrical Service Centre 018-469 4196services
Electro Control & Equipment cc 018-462 3812services
Electromac Contractors cc 082 258 8660services
General Electric Repairs 018-468 6787services
Gets Electrical 082 355 6770services
Giddys Electric Express 018-462 6187services
H & B Refrigeration & Electrical 018-462 6135services
J.B. Electrical Contractors 018-469 1888services
J.J. Auto Electric cc 018-462 3400services
J.L.T. Electronics Consultant 018-469 1198services
KLERKSDORP TV & RADIO REPAIRS 018 4629733services
Keens Electrical 018-462 9945services
North West Auto Electrical 018-462 7988services
Phemelo Electrical Contractors 018 4687753services
Pro-Tech Auto Electrical 018-464 1666services
REPCOM 018-468-3013services
Repcom Two-Way Radios 018-468-3013services
Rickys Electrical 018-464 3300services
Rovinco C.C. 018-469-2154services
Torbens Electrical Services 018-462 9891services
Trico Auto Electrical 018-462 3021services
A & D Engineering 018-464 2761services
A.B.E. Engineering Contractors 018-469 2818services
Almec Manufacturing 018-469-3202services
Alnes Hydraulics & Engineering 018-484-3852services
Anglo Engineering Supplies Bk 018-469-3596services
Anlo Engineering Supplies 018-469 3596services
B J Motor Engineering 018-462-2344services
Beytell JJ 018-462-4466services
C & J Engineering 018-462 8686services
Deltaplan 018-462 9969services
Dericks Engineering 018-469 2032services
Deswalner Engineering cc 018-464 3677services
Devmont Mining Equipment BPK 018-468 6750services
Diatla Consulting Engineers 018-462 7109services
Engineering Design & Developement cc 018-469 1355services
Engineering Labour Hire cc 018-462 9401services
Fabcon Engineering & Rubberling 018-469 4407services
Friction Engineering 2000 018-462 1545services
Gee Jay Engineering 018-469 1197services
Henles Engineering 018-462 4554services
Inter Mine Engineering 018-469 1114services
K and C 084 433 3879services
K and C 084 433 3879services
K.C.Engineering 018-462 8634services
Kosh C.N.C. Engineering 018-462 8470services
M.D.C. Consultants 018-462 7531services
Mecro Automotive Engineering 018-468 7551services
Meteor Engineering cc 018-469 3634services
Micoles Engineering cc 018-469 1925services
Model Valves LTD 018-464 2323services
Moedi Consulting Engineers 018-462 9603services
Moedi Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd 018-4629603services
Motla Engineers 018-462 3093services
Multi Engineering & General cc 018-468 2447services
N.T.Engineering cc 018-462 1453services
Nep Consulting Engineers 018-451 1005services
Nep Consulting Engineers 018-451-1005services
Ninham Shand LTD 018-462 9545services
North West Friction Engineering 018-469 4120services
Northwest Hydraulics & Engineering 018-462 7859services
Palama Engineering 083 721 8056services
Peco Engineering 018-473 2206services
Precision Engineering Consultants cc 018-462 8721services
Quintra Engineering cc 018-469 3175services
Teknoair Engineering cc 018-462 4740services
Vaal Engineering 018-462 9747services
WRSB 072 457 6714services
West Rand Engineering Works LTD 018-469 4148services
Commercial Union Agricultural Services 018-462 5535services
J.B.S. plant_hire 018-469 1016services
Klerksdorp Instant Lawn 018-469 2501services
Nimbus Water Technologies 011 395 3133services
wm toilet hire 082 7871457services
Access Home Loans 018 462 4405services
Access Home Loans (Pty) Ltd 018-462-4405services
Anmar Cash Loans 018-462-9008services
Archer Financial Services 018-468-6403services
Archer financial_services 018-468 6403services
Avbob 018-462 9784services
Bondvest Online 082 555 4949services
Bonus Cash Loans 018-484 1699services
CIP - Debt Counsellors 018-294-3308services
Cashzone.co.za 011-763-7314services
Christo Bothma Finansiele Dienste 018-468 5305services
Comprehensive financial_services 018-462 9926services
Ebsa Finansiele Dienste 018-468 8328services
F & F financial_services & Funeral Suppliers 018-462 7258services
Finaid 018-464 2807services
Financial Legal Advisors & Attorneys 018-464 4830services
Futurum Financial Group 018-468 1917services
Global Finances 018-469 4360services
Hlano financial_services 018-462 1561services
J.Bornman Finansiele Advisieur 018-462 6021services
Mortgage City Klerksdorp 018-4687215services
NVB Mentors 018-462-6805services
North West Debt Counselling 018-468-4996services
Outgro (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349services
P.A.Homeloans 018-468 7600services
Rainbow Loans 018-462 6745services
Rasta Cash Loans 018-464 3217services
Success for South Africans 0117637314services
W.A.financial_services 018-462 7474services
21st Century Funerals 018-462-3184services
Avbob 018-462-9784services
Boikagong Funeral Administrators 018-464 2062services
Central funeral_services 018-462 3484services
Ikageng Funeral Haven 018-462 1783services
Klerksdorp Begrafnisondernemers 018-462 8241services
Klerksdorp Funeral Directors 018-462 8241services
Martins funeral_services 018-464 4562services
Saffas 018-462 8241services
Dawkins A furniture_removals 018-462 1118services
Lombard furniture_removals 018-462 9677services
N & A furniture_removals 018-467 7513services
P & R Removals 018-462 6159services
Schuttes furniture_removals 018-464 1044services
Charl De Klerk Landscaping & Irrigation 082-570-5659services
Drum Boyz 082-327-8828services
Ellis garden_services 018-462 1589services
Lawnmower Services 018-462 2806services
Power Mowers 018-462 6717services
AdWorx Design Studio 076-230-7119services
Phototek Graphics 018-468 3623services
Pro Wizard Printing 072-374-9264services
Woema Graphic & Website Design 083-333-4516services
Salon Dragonfly 083-615-3885services
De Bergs 0182905756services
ProviNet 0117637314services
ProviNet 0117637314services
A C M E Insurance Brokers 018-468-6229services
A.C.M.E insurance_brokers 018-462 4777services
Acme Insurance Brokers 018-468-8665services
Alexander Forbes Personal Services 086-091-1000services
Alexander Forbes Risk Services 018-462-9403services
B-Sure 018-462 9155services
Budgetsure cc 018-462 9155services
Christo Bothma Brokers 018-468 5305services
Dans Assessments cc 018-468 1018services
Dial Sure Brokers cc 018-462 4139services
Discovery Broker Consultants 018-468 1343services
First Link insurance_brokers 018-462 9827services
Johan van den Heever Makelaars 018-468-8521services
Kosh insurance_brokers 018-468 8229services
Multi Sure Brokers 018-468 7295services
Mutual & Federal Insurance 018-462 9666services
Niel van Zyl Makelaars 018-468-4653services
P.B.S. Family Protection Plan 018-464 1613services
Philip Botha Estates & insurance_brokers 018-468 8054services
Prestasi Brokers 018-462 4650services
R & B Brokers 018-468 3920services
Regent Insurance Co. 018-462 7432services
S.A.Eagle Insurance 018-462 8430services
Sanlam 018-462 7510services
Unibro 018-468 4498services
B A Botes Labour Consultant cc 018-484-1351services
B.J. Labour & Supplies 018-468 1294services
Corporate Service Provider 018 771-7738services
International Labour Hire 018-468 3375services
Keltram Consultants 084 656 4847services
Labour Specialists 018-462 2530services
Leadership & Poductivity Consultants 082-852-3219services
Neil Conradie & Associates 082-852-3219services
Payrolls Inc 083-442-6073services
Professional Labour Hire 018-464 4148services
Ackermann GF Attorneys 018 462 5704services
Andy Meintjies Prokureurs 018-462-6788services
Bekker CN 018-462 3673services
Bekker CN 018-462-3673services
Benade Gielie Prokureurs 018-462-7788services
Botha De Wet & Roodt Inc 018-462 3751services
Bruce Loxton 018-464 1972services
Claasens Van Niekerk Ing. 018-464 2751services
De Kocks Attorneys 018-462 6279services
Erasmus Jooste Ing. 018-464 1321services
Greyling & Associates 018-462 4563services
Hannetjie Van Der Merwe Attorney 018-464 3507services
Kirsten & Van Niekerk 018-462 4201services
Legal Wise 018-464 3310services
Loxton Bruce 018-464 1972services
Mazabane Silent Attorneys 018-462 4745services
Oosthuizen Du Plooy 018-462 2705services
Rossouw Prokureurs 018-462 6799services
Van Staden Vorster & Nysschen 018-468-1300services
Visser Attorneys 018-462 1644services
A.P.S. Pain Therapy 018-468 6886services
Alaris Medical Systems 086 059 7572services
Anncron Clinic 018-468 1031services
Anncron Clinic 018-468-1031services
Anncron Clinic 018-468-1031services
Benjamin C Dr 018-465-3305services
Bester John E Dr 018-468-2539services
BosmannG.C. Rabie & Van Wyk Le Roux 018-468 8470services
Centre For Diabetes 018-468 5726services
Cottage Apteek 018-468 8275services
Dangor Medical Centre 018-464 4977services
Daylene Clinic 018-468 5380services
De Villiers R & Theron R 018-462 1651services
De Wit JJ 018-462 1435services
Du Plooy W 018-468 8411services
Employee Care 0117637314services
Flamwood Pharmacy 018-468 2051services
Fourie Johann 018-468 1309services
Game Centre Pharmacy 018-462 4119services
Health Smart Apteek 018-468 4733services
Health Smart Apteek-Klerksdorp Sentraal 018-462 5052services
Healthpharm Pharmacy 018-468 6032services
Klerksdorp Apteek 018-462 1421services
Klerksdorp Medical Soc. 018-464 8600services
La Hoff Health Med Apteek 018-468 5451services
Lautzlaan Apteek & Medisyne Depot 018-468 1230services
Link Central 018-462 5052services
Mid-West Medical Services 018-468 4381services
Moosas Pharmacy 018-462 3002services
Multi Care Klerksdorp 018-462 7846services
Ou Dorp Apteek 018-464 1611services
Quick Care 018-468 1911services
S. Buys Pharmacy 018-464 4046services
S.A.First Aid Centre 018-464 3402services
Saambou Apteek 018-462 4288services
Sammel & Walker Pharmacy 018-468 8725services
Springbok Pharmacy 018-462 2271services
Waldorf Pharmacy 018-462-2068services
Wilmed Pharmacy 018-468 7768services
CPL Management Solutions 079-899-8012services
ClENCOR (PTY) LTD 018-468-5349services
Eunice Bierman Audiologist 018-468-7056services
Globe Web Studios 018-462-9270services
Golden Vision Optometrists 018-788-2397services
Macdonold Meiring & Steyn Optometrist 018-468-7920services
Keltram Consultants 084 656 4847services
Benita van As Photography 072-217-4578services
Anco Loodgieters 018-462 8006services
Bermoncha Loodgieters 018-473-4445services
Builders Market Klerksdorp 018-462 2521services
D.C.Plumbing 018-462 1422services
Klerksdorp Loodgieters 018-468 6869services
Klerksdorp Plumbing 018-468 6869services
Liberty Plumbing 018-462 4993services
Liberty Plumbing 082 462 8007services
Mikes Plumbing 018-468 6700services
Moll Wimpie Plumbers 018-468 4688services
NW Loodgieters 073-758-8871services
Snyman Plumbers 018-468 4290services
Wimpie Moll Loodgieters 018-464-4680services
C & B Pools 018-468 5533services
Crystal Pools 018-468 2878services
Dolfin Pools 018-462 6228services
Arnold & Wessels Drukkers BK 018-462 4591services
Blitsdruk 018-462 2490services
Minuteman Press 018 294-8501services
Pro Wizard Printing 072-130-2077services
Van Zyl's Drukkers/Printers 072-211-1662services
Yourcity.co.za 018 468 8883services
Aida Eiendomsagentskap 018-464-1975services
Aida Estate Agency 018-464 1975services
Archer Dennis Estates 018-462 6835services
BEE Properties 018-468-1194services
Barry Payne Properties (Pty) Ltd 018-468-3571services
Bee Properties 018-468 8022services
Biebie Eiendomme 018-468 6567services
Cillie Trust & Estates 018-462 7478services
Cillie Trust Properties 018-462-7478services
Dawns Estates cc 018-462 9911services
Dennis Acher Estates 018-462 6835services
Edgar Abraham Estates 018-462 5000services
Hart Properties 018-464 1191services
Home Loans For All 0737471345services
Homenet Impala 018-468 7089services
I & H Properties 018-462 4108services
Igna Kasselman Landscaping 018-468 1252services
Impala Homenet 018-468 7089services
Indgro Houldings 018-468 5349services
Klerksdorp Properties 018-462 6600services
Lady Dis Properties 018-468 5051services
Landgoed Eiendomme 018-462 9617services
Lindenberg & Kempff Properties/Eiendomme 018-484-5071services
Lindenberg & Kempff cc 018-462 9811services
Mooiland Eiendomme 018-468-7288services
Moon House Estate Agents 018-468 8888services
Rhonas Estates 018-468 7108services
Sherlock-Homes 084-603-5131services
Tempo Estates 018-468 8462services
smshomes 073-303-5236services
H&B Refrigeration.cc. 018-462-6135services
Action Force cc 018-462 5689services
Action Force cc 018-462-5689services
Action Guard 018-464 3445services
Altech Netstar 018-468-5443services
Altech Netstar 018-468-5443services
Altel Sekuriteit BK 018-468 7486services
Altel Sekuriteit Bk 018-468-7486services
Bayete Security North West 018-464 3454services
Cectronics Security Services 018-468 8506services
Chubb Protective Services 018-464 3454services
Freedom Fighters Security Training 018-462 5723services
Hi-Tech Security 018-464 3552services
Kusasa Security Services 018-462 2444services
Mapogo 0829293308services
Naphtronics Flash Security 018-465 4937services
North West Security Academy 018-464 2669services
ProtectionONE 082-680-9422services
Quality Secure cc 018-462 2493services
Safeguard Security Services 018-468 5698services
Tiger Security cc 018-462 7628services
Auto Mart 018-462-6191services
Automart Convenience Centre 018-462-6191services
Flamwood Convenience Centre 018-468-7874services
Freemanville Retail Centre 018-469-4575services
G & M Motors 018-464-1706services
Golden Exel 018-462-4761services
Impala Convenience Centre 018-462-4542services
John Fourie Motors 018-469-1111services
Klerksdorp Convenience Centre 018-462-8416services
Klerksdorp Mini Stop 018-462-1198services
La Hoff Service Centre 018-468-4097services
Neserhof Convenience Centre 018-462-1490services
Pick & Pay Auto Centre 018-468-5909services
Roosheuwel Motors 018-462-4862services
Springbok Garage 018-464-4458services
Terisano Service Station 018-465-3196services
Total Goudkop 018-462-2031services
Uncle George Service Station 018-465-6935services
Zenex Oom Thuys Service Station 018-467-8444services
Zenex Potgieter 018-294-5236services
Altech Autopage Direct 018 4622224services
Ascend Computers 018-464-3922services
Atlantic Internet Services 018-468 1706services
Bokamoso ICT Co-operative Ltd 018-462-3154services
Cartridge Revival 018-468 8030services
CellularUnlocKing 0837947899services
GDS University Computers 0183814663services
Klerksdorp Computer Specialists 018 462 3535services
Klerksdorp Computer Specialists cc 018-462 3535services
Nic's Computers 079-381-6241services
SKYCOM Systems 018-462-1183services
Technicare 018-462 9915services
WilkenandCo fax to email 082 997 7777services
Yourcity 018 468 8883services
Agrestic Marketing Services 018-464 4447services
Azen Projects & Marketing 018-468 1190services
B.B.N. Marketing 018-462 5622services
B.W.P.Marketing Specialists 018-462 3307services
Genset Marketing 018-469 4117services
JM Matwasse 076-850-2426services
KMR Internet Connections 083-383-8839services
Lore Marketing 018-462 1406services
MBC (PTY) LTD 079-377-7083services
MOT Marketing & Communications 0184625298services
Parties 4 Kids 084 510 1431services
The Sales Academy 073-553-7424services
Yourcity 018 468 8883services
elite Marketing 018-462 8760services
A & D Service Centre 018-462 3362services
A M Moeti Do It Yourself Service 018-462-8590services
A P S Therapy (Klerksdorp) 018-484-4062services
A V A Studios 018-468-6485services
A.B.C. Cash Plus 018-464 1938services
A.C.M. Aircooling cc 018-468 7976services
A.K.Investments 018-464 4119services
A.S.T. Computer Services 018-464 2020services
A.V.A.Studios 018-468 6485services
Admin Solutions 018-462 7229services
African Contractor Finance Corporation 018-462 2783services
African Hide Trading Co 018-469 1138services
African Life Insurance Co Ltd 086-123-5433services
African Unity Developers 018-465 6901services
African Unity Developers 018-465-6901services
Alexander Forbes Risk Service 018-462 9403services
Allan Contractors 018-468 2657services
Alpha Konstruksie 018-462-9803services
Anco Services & Rentals 018-468 8669services
Andersonstraat Winkel 018-464 1007services
Andre's Construction 018-468-3005services
Appliance Reapir Centre 018-464-1060services
Appliance Repair Centre 018-464 1060services
Ascent Gear Grinders 018-464 3922services
Ash Engine Reconditioners 018-469 4567services
Asite 018-468 8501services
Autopage Cellular 018-462-2224services
B B N Marketing 018-462-5622services
B J Brokers 018-462-5945services
B.H.W.Pumps & Repairs 018-469 3172services
B.P.North West 018-462 9142services
Baden Training Services 018-462-4858services
Bafokeng Afval Depot 018-465-5226services
Banks Home Decorators 018-462 8781services
Banks Home Decorators 018-462-8781services
Bates mining Specialists 018-469 1051services
Bato Furnishers 018-462-1501services
Bernic Private Huiskliniek 018-468 3238services
Bevica Sales & Services 018-462-6543services
Brand & Brand 018-462 1729services
Buys Auto Lektrik & Diesel 018-462 5148services
Caplamp Spares & Service 018-468 2140services
Carpet Cleaning Specialists 018-464 1764services
Charisma Nursing Agency 018-462 5300services
Christelles Spyseniering 018-462 1822services
Clencor 018-468 5349services
Comar Waste 018-462 4329services
Continental Armature Winders cc 018-469 2302services
D-Tel Kommunikasie 018-468 7000services
D.C.Tech 018-468 3930services
D.H.L.International 018-462 4034services
D.W.P.Consultants 018-462 6651services
Delivery King 018-462 9120services
Denny MV 018-462 7221services
Der Lida Paving & Precast Walls 018-468 2871services
Diedel Partytjies 083-785-5355services
Drain Surgeon The 018-464 4971services
E-Labels 018-462 4904services
Engen Petroleum LTD 018-462 5771services
Eskom 018-464 6666services
Exodus Communications 018-462 1724services
Ezehuts 018-462 3534services
F.N.B. Trust Services 018-462 9987services
Foto First 018-462 8310services
Fouches Skrynwerke 018-462 2257services
Freddies Repairs TV/Video 018-462 7961services
Fulkan Refrigeration 018-462 3763services
G & D Grasdakke 018-468 8075services
G & G Mining Supplies & Repairs 018-464 1480services
Galaxy Airconditioning 078-794-6894services
Golden Sasol Service Station 018-462 4761services
H & E Decorators 018-468 8834services
H2O International 018-462 6068services
Havcarpets LTD 018-464 1031services
He She driving_school 018-464 3630services
Hennings Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services 018-462 2441services
I.C.F. Control Services 018-464 3777services
Impala Towing 018-462 3443services
Industratech Supplies & Service 018- 462 0625services
Intermediary Portfolio Administrators 018-462 1024services
Isidingo Cash Loans 018-462 3969services
J.I.C. Mining Services 018-469 4271services
J.M.Q. Cellular & Repair 018-468 6284services
K.C.S.Service Specialists cc 018-462 3535services
Kids Connection 018-462 5842services
Klerksdorp Ceremic Tile Work 018-462 1667services
Klerksdorp Picture Framing 018-468 3658services
Klerksdorp Powder Coaters 018-462 2833services
Klerksdorp Radiology Services 018-468 7763services
Klerksdorp Record 018-464 1911services
Klerksdorp Total 018-464 2225services
L.A.W. Mine Safety & Contracting 018-468 6571services
L.P.I.Mining 018-484 1994services
Lifestyle Painters 084-800-1828services
M.P.F. Management Services 018-464 4700services
Maranata Lapas 018-468 3769services
Med Mobile Services 018-464 4000services
Mega Packaging 018-469 3610services
National Brands LTD 018-469 1083services
Nells Radiator Services & Mining Supplies 018-462 1457services
Netstar Klerksdorp 018-462 6974services
Normans Refrigeration & Electrical 018-462 5622services
North West Polygraph Services 087-802-8773services
North West Pump Repairs 018-462 9720services
Paging People 018-468 7777services
Pel Construction & Controls 018-469 3894services
Pest Control Professionals 018-462 5167services
Quality Print & Signs 018-464 1787services
R.S. Professional Cylinder Heads Services cc 018-469 3422services
Radio Tronics 018-462 4161services
Renue Industrial Equipment & Services cc 018-469 1395services
Retnev Shopfitters & Glassworks cc 018-473 2016services
S.A.Boilermakers 018-462 9611services
Shell Ultra City 018-469 4340services
Silverton Radiator Services 018-462 8467services
Speedy Cylinder Head Services cc 018-464 1876services
Springbok Garage 018-464 4458services
Staffgro (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349services
Stanford driving_school 018-462 4063services
T.D.Power Services 018-469 4108services
The Events Design Company 084-583-2360services
Uncle Gorge Service Station 018-465 6935services
V.B.Hydraulics 018-464-3712services
W M Toilet Hire 018-468-3564services
W.B.Office Contractors 018-462-1705services
Westvaal Radiator Centre cc 018-462 8467services
A To D Van Lines 018-467 6025services
Baltsokha Transport Enterprises 018-462 3788services
Bateleur Transport 018-469 2486services
C. Badenhorst Bus Dienste 018-462 8714services
C.M.B. Couries 018-464 3698services
Champion Transport 018-464 3625services
Core Cariers 018-462 3395services
Flinkdink Transport 018-469 2712services
Golden West Taxis 018-468 7777services
Imperal Car Rental 018-462 9899services
Jors de Beer Transport 0824501477services
Klerksdorp Transport 018-468 6999services
L.M.Vervoer 018-469 4400services
Mellets Vervoer bk 018-464 1706services
R.A.Taxis 018-467 5354services
Regional Taxi Offices 018-464 3221services
Rhino Shuttles 011-793-2282services
Roos Transport 018-468 5900services
Spies Transport 018-469 3966services
Steyns Limo Hire 018-468 2390services
Stuttaford Van Lines 018-468 6952services
A - Z Travel 018-462-4084services
A To Z Travel 018-462 4084services
Astra Travel 018-462 7366services
Astra Travel 018-462-7366services
Crosscape Express 018-462 4572services
Flamwood Travel 018-468-7545services
Marsol Travel 018-468 4397services
Sure Travel 018-462 7366services
Early Bird Services 018-462 8564services
KOSH TV & Satellite 018-462-1094services
Kosh Tv & Satellite cc 018-462-1094services
Radio Sonic 018-468-2013services
Sat-Com Technologies 018-468-3725services
Adamay Motors 018-468-8300services
Agenbag Auto Clinic 018-464 2639services
Agenbag Auto Clinic 018-464-2639services
Agenbag Motors 018-462-9957services
Al-Aqsa Motor Spares 018-462 6093services
Aldor Motors 018 462 9833services
Aldor Motors 018-462-5813services
Ankers Brake & Clutch 018-462-8640services
Ankers Brake & Clutch (Pty) Ltd 018-462-8640services
Antons Domestic Spares 018-464 2289services
Auto & Truck Service Centre 018-464 1617services
Auto & Truck Service Centre cc 018-464-1617services
Auto Den 018-464 1802services
Auto Junction 018-462 1062services
Auto Mart 018-462 6191services
Auto Tech 018-462 6343services
Autorama 018-462 1802services
Autozone 018-462 1594services
Autozone 018-462-1594services
B M W Dealers 018-462-4508services
Battery Centre 018-462 6022services
Battery Hyper cc 018-462 5338services
Bosch Agents 018-464 1741services
Bosch Auto Fitment Centre 018-462 4949services
Boys Pannelbeaters 018-462 8523services
C.M.Gearbox & Diff Sentrum 018-464 1145services
C.V. Auto 018-462 3427services
C.V.Centre 018-462 7383services
C.V.Citi 018-464 1948services
Cam Auto Clinic 018-464 3589services
Canopy Centre & Auto Spares 018-462 4244services
Carb Centre 018-462 5726services
Centurion Car Installations 018-464 3261services
Champion Performance Exhaust 018-484 3049services
Champion Tyre & Exhaust 018-468 4567services
Chicco Auto 018-464 4852services
Citi Auto 018-462 8821services
Clutch & Brake Supplies 018-462 4226services
Connies Wheel Alignments 018-462 8933services
Crank City 018-462 6119services
De Graaf Under-Car & Exausts 018-464 2440services
Dent Doctor 018-462 8631services
Dunlop Accredited Dealers 018-468 4567services
Elegant Motor Spares 018-462 5858services
Engine City The 018-464 1876services
First National Battery 018-469 2892services
Freddies Repairs 018-473 5550services
G.B.S.Gearbox Services 018-462 9456services
Gearbox Services cc 018-462 2912services
Gert Potgieter Motors 018-469 4381services
Global Forklift Tyre Services 018 468 2007services
Henmar Motor & Truck Services 018-464 3044services
Hi-Q 018-462 5408services
Hydraulic 2000 018-469 4526services
Hydraulic Centre 018-464 3712services
Hydraulic Repairs & Field Service 018-469 2982services
Hytec North 018-462 6525services
Impala Duikuitkloppers & Spuitverwers 018-462 3241services
Invicta Bearings & Transmission 018-462 4432services
K.C.C. Engine Rebuilders cc 018-462 7264services
Karsten Panelbeaters 018-462 1658services
Klerksdorp Bande 018-468 7820services
Klerksdorp Bande 018-468 7820services
Klerksdorp Bumper & Grill Repairs 018-464 2548services
Klerksdorp Maxiprest Tyres 018-462 8742services
Klerksdorp Radiators 018-469 3349services
Klerksdorp Spares Centre 018-462 9461services
Klerksdorp TV & Radio Repairs 018-462 9733services
Klerksdorp Tune-Up Centre 018-462 8790services
Kwik-Fit 018-462 4160services
Midas Parts Centre 018-462 9461services
Mr Delivery 018-462 9120services
Mr X-Haust 018-462 9392services
Multi Brake Services 018-462 1360services
New Town Supa Quick 018-462 3925services
Nics Diesel Centre & Car Service Centre 018-464 1741services
Noise Boys 018-464 3930services
Protea Panelbeaters & Spray-Painters 018-464 3027services
Rhino Auto Services 018-462 2055services
Rhino Tyre Repairs 018-469 3082services
Robinson Auto 018-464 1541services
Spares World 018-469 2974services
Speedway Exhaust 018-462 7112services
Speedy 018-462 5096services
Turbo Tune-Up Gearbox & Diff Centre 018-462 2134services
Vancor Panelbeaters 018-464 1664services
Wollies Super Tune - Up Centre 018-462 2925services
Adult Video Hire 018-462-7439services
Alabama Video 018-467-5405services
Flamwood Video Centre 018-464-3271services
Stax Video Club 018-468-7444services
A.B.I. LTD. 018-469 1391wholesale
Enterprise Foods 018-469 4221wholesale
Gevrieste Verwerkte Groente 073 206 2968wholesale
Vector Logistics LTD 018-462-4773wholesale
A.C.W. Trading Enterprises 018-462 1293wholesale
Avon 018-4687215wholesale
Amazing Curls & Trading 018-465 6713wholesale
Bolts & Engineering Distrabutors cc 018-469 4218wholesale
Cardoso Cigarette Depot LTD 018-468 1027wholesale
Chesterton Chemicals Packing & Seals 018-462 5655wholesale
Federal Mogul Auto Parts Warehouse 018-462 1594wholesale
Klerksdorp Furniture Warehouse 018-462 4545wholesale
M@L Wholesale and Retail 018-469-1485wholesale
Metro Cash & Carry 018-469 1218wholesale
Northwest Liquor Distributors 018-462 7579wholesale
Plumb Centre 018-468 1147wholesale
Sun City Wholesalers 018-462 5973wholesale

business found in n12route

Landi Van Zyl Bestuursdienste 082-906-8850services
Willie van Zyl Makelaars 018-468-8349services
The Human Capital Group 018-293-3607services
FYCIS Photography 018-468-4653services

business found in orkney

Ubuntu Small Scale Mining 018-478 2253business_other
Afkin Construction 018-476 2734manufacturing
Alan Rhodes Construction 018-473 1443manufacturing
Deo Gloria Construction cc 018-473 1707manufacturing
H.G.Construction 018-473 0624manufacturing
A.E.C.I. Explosives LTD 018-477 1062manufacturing
Braams Staal 018-473 4014manufacturing
Metal Merchants cc 018-473 2237manufacturing
Advanta Africa Seeds 018-473 1897manufacturing
African Rainbow Minerals 018-478 3111manufacturing
Brug Butchery 018-473 3977retail
Orkney Butcher Boy 018-473 4226retail
Orkney Meat & Chicken 018-473 2706retail
Rank Buchery 018-473 1489retail
Shap Shap Meat Supplies 018-473 0101retail
Camajaci Mart (Sports & Outfitters) 082 373 4816retail
Goodmans Outfitters 018-473 4024retail
Rickys Outfitters 018-477 1188retail
Byron Cafe & Supermarket 018-473 2514retail
Family Mart Supermarket 018-473 4362retail
J.D. Cafe 018-477 1442retail
Ponta De Sol Cafe 018-473 1951retail
Score Supermarket 018-473 0083retail
Shoprite 018-473 4000retail
A Touch Of Class Hair Design 018-473 1236retail
Bambis Hair Design 018-473 0792retail
Hair 2000 018-473 4059retail
Salon Creative Hair Styles 018-473 3487retail
AA Projects cc 082 850 -1739retail
Barker Kingsley Hardware 018-473 1511retail
Flamingo Hardware 018-473 1448retail
Gerrys Hardware 018-473 3288retail
Crystal Collecting Agency 018-473 0497retail
Byron Drankwinkel 018-473 2992retail
Carlyle Motor Mark 018-473 0391retail
Cross 4 Truck & Trailor Sales 018-473 2581retail
K & S Motors 018-473 1019retail
Orkney Motor Repairs 018-473 2762retail
Nugen Computers cc 018-473-0602retail
Charlies Printers 018-473 1313retail
Inter Computers 018 464 3446retail
Mini Print 018-473 5124retail
Aradel Electrizer 018-473 1977retail
D.C.DIY Products 018-473 3199retail
Die Ark Pets & Hobbies 018-473 4208retail
Drieziek Bakeries cc 018-477 2948retail
Ipitombi Meubileerders 018-473 4207retail
Orkney Furnishers 018-473 3882retail
Protea Furnishers 018-473 3213retail
Red Alert Security Systems 018-473 1870retail
Rods Guns & Sports Den 018-473 1651retail
S.A.Mining Supplies 018-473 1953retail
Shoe Town 018-473 2302retail
Starter Foods cc 018-477 1199retail
Vaal Staal 073-931-7414retail
Corlyns Pandwinkel 018-473 2703retail
Homers Pawn Shop 018-473 1741retail
M & M Price Breakers 018-473 0945retail
Vaal Pawnshop 018-473 3982retail
Rautenbachs Sport 018-477 1892retail
ABSA Bank 018 473 3984services
African Bank 018 477 2946services
FNB 018-473-5425services
Standard Bank 018-473-8400services
Standard Bank 018-473-1801services
Boart Longyear Contracting 018-477 1134services
Callies Auto Electrical 018-473 2001services
Electromac Contractors cc 082 258 8660services
Hiram Electrical 018-473 0982services
Driescor Engineering 018-473 5762services
J.D.W. Engineering 018-473 4106services
Nimbus Water Technologies 011 395 3133services
Trumpco Engineering 018-473 0153services
Water Engineering 018-473 3236services
Bets Financies 018-473 3430services
Botfin Finance 018-473 2599services
Everett financial_services 018-473 3524services
Smileys Cash Loans 018-473 3586services
T & M Financing 018-473 0527services
Chithibunga funeral_services 018-473 1045services
Northwest Funerals 018-473 4394services
Orkney Funeral Palour 018-473 1847services
Corporate Service Provider 018-771-7738services
Atomic Apteek 018-473 1791services
Golden Vision Optometrists 018-478-3558services
Bermoncha Loodgieters 018-473 4445services
WaterWorx Pools and accesorries 018 473 4143services
E.F.J.S.Drukkers 018-473 2740services
Minuteman Press 018 294-8501services
Ben Bierman Eiendomsagent 018-473 4031services
smshomes 073-303-5236services
Gray Security Services 018-473 3782services
ProtectionONE 082-680-9422services
JY Motors 018-473-3202services
K & S Motors 018-473-1019services
Kanana Service Station 018-476-2162services
Orkney Convenience Centre 018-473-1733services
Orkney Esso 018-473-4041services
Orkney Nissan 018-473-3301services
Orkney Zenex 018-473-4041services
Tannous Group 018-473-4501services
Weimann's Garage 018-473-0674services
JM Matwasse 076-850-2426services
KMR Internet Connections 083-383-8839services
Carlyle Kelders 018-473 1624services
Concor Mining Services 018-477 1069services
Future Mining LTD 018-478 3213services
Gold Reef Enterprises 018-477 2009services
Inter-Mine Services 018-478 2222services
L.P.J.Mining Services 018-473 5740services
Orkney Quick Stop 018-473 1733services
Orkney Refrigeration Services 018-473 3005services
Prestige Cleaning Services 018-473 4516services
Ritas Hiring 018-473 4405services
F.T.L.Transport 018-476 0085services
Multi Bus Service cc 018-473 0200services
Orkney Transport & furniture_removals 018-473 3224services
Tautes Transport 018-473 2284services
Auto Star 018-473 4599services
Battery Centre 018-473 1733services
Byron Fastfit 018-473 4447services
Caltex Auto Star 0184734599services
Dofies Paneelkloppers 018-473 4021services
Gearbox Centre 018-473 0915services
NW Paint a Car Panelbeaters 018-473-1494services
Paint A Car Panelbeaters 018-473 1494services
Tautes Spares 018-473 3401services
Turbo Auto Clinic 018-473 1861services
J.M.Coca Cola 018-473 4936wholesale
Kosh Chicken Wholesaler 018-473 1708wholesale
Apex Trading 018-473 1361wholesale
Dawn Medical & Surgical Supplies 018-473 0233wholesale

business found in oudtshoorn

Annette Oelofse Mohair Products CC 044-272-3806retail

business found in potchefstroom

Absolute Hi-Fi 018-297-6646business_other
Avlock International 018-294-4215business_other
Avlock International 018-294-4215business_other
Bernfo 018-293-2047business_other
JVM Aluminium & Glass 018-293-3711business_other
Omnia Kunsmis Bpk 018-290-6525business_other
Staalbeer (EDMS) bpk 018-297-5320business_other
Stone Dynamics 018-293-2854business_other
Thermo+Solar 082-567-7239business_other
WSMLeshika Consulting (Pty) Ltd. 082-467-0967business_other
ZAISP Computers CC 018-293-2790business_other
Marlaw Ozone Health Centre 018-293-2829health_clubs
Albert's Bricks 018-297-1464manufacturing
Bens Construction 083-996-1212manufacturing
Bert's Bricks 018-292-1615manufacturing
Berts Bricks 018-292-1615manufacturing
Joshua Smith Roofing 018-297-1034manufacturing
Maximus Bricks (Pty) Ltd 018-291-1326manufacturing
North West Bricks 018-297-2004manufacturing
Plan Wise 018-294-7233manufacturing
Potch Beton & Plaveisel 018-294-5169manufacturing
Smartstone Northwest 018-290-8780manufacturing
We - Do Construction & Building 071-512-0594manufacturing
Big B Chickens 018-294-8041manufacturing
Fouries Poultry Farms (Pty) Ltd 018-293-0202manufacturing
Potchefstroom Beverages 018-294-3261manufacturing
Air Liquid Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd 018-297-5348manufacturing
HI-TECH Autolec 018-294-6367manufacturing
Merward Engineering 018-293-0306manufacturing
Red Spot Soap Factory 018-297-2929manufacturing
Rutherford Staal 018-294-3856manufacturing
Potchefstroom Herald 018-293-0750manufacturing
Silver Solutions 083-294-7821manufacturing
Canvalodge Mnf CC 018-290-7210none
Crime Scene Clean Up NW 072-114-2845none
Golden Paving Construction 082-802-2664none
Xuxa Productions, Events and Marketing 018-294-7174none
Pedigree Paws 082-441-3235none
Fourie's Piggery 018-291-1021production
Afrikaner Slaghuis 018-294-6635retail
Andre Vleismark 018-290-5322retail
B & B Varsvleis 018-293-0904retail
Boeremark Slaghuis 018-294-6001retail
Die Vleismark 018-297-1841retail
Impala Slaghuis 018-297-1171retail
Industriele Slaghuis 018-294-6636retail
Mooirivier Slaghuis 018-294-3982retail
Mosidi's Butchery 018-295-2427retail
Mr Meat Mr Biltong 018-294-5538retail
North West Meat Market 018-297-0798retail
Ouma se Vleismark 018-298-1100retail
Overland Meat & Chicken 018-294-7434retail
Akerman's 018-294-3794retail
Andre's Boutique 018-294-4925retail
Baby Go Round 018-293-1088retail
Foschini 018-294-8835retail
G Kids Clothing & Accessories 018-297-7073retail
Jet 018-297-4378retail
Miladys 018-297-4461retail
Mr Price 018-293-1010retail
Paradise Fashion 018-297-8915retail
Penny Royale 018-293-2395retail
Pep Stores 018-294-6264retail
Allo Vegetable & Fruit 018-294-5591retail
Apollo Fish and Chips 018-294-5180retail
Baillie Park Kwik Spar 018-290-5692retail
Friendly Supermarket 018-293-3241retail
Fruit & Veg City 018-294-3047retail
Gio's Fruit & Veg 018-293-3078retail
Industria Fruit Store 018-294-7946retail
Insleep Supermark 018-294-6039retail
Jazz Supermarket 018-294-4194retail
Jenni's Quality Foods 018-293-1623retail
Miederpark Superama 018-294-6797retail
Mr Salad 018-294-3999retail
OK Grocer Bult 018-294-6674retail
Oudedorp Supermark 018-298-1362retail
Park Cafe 018-297-1911retail
Blue Tek Computers 018-297-0164retail
Builders Paradise 018-294-8051retail
D I Y Hardware 018-294-7423retail
EB's Hardware 018-297-1447retail
Easy Drill CC 018-294-5443retail
Timbercity Potchefstroom 018-297-6511retail
American Swiss Jewellers (Pty) Ltd 018-294-7930retail
Crest Jewellers 018-294-3622retail
Le Roi Diamante 018-290-8334retail
Bailliepark Bottlestore 018-290-7404retail
Barney's Drankwinkel 018-293-0123retail
Bult Drankwinkel 018-293-2237retail
Harry se Drankwinkel 018-294-8819retail
Liberty Liquor 2 018-297-4481retail
Liberty Liquor Warehouse 018-293-0580retail
Noord-Wes Drankwinkel 018-294-6283retail
North West Liquor 018-294-6283retail
Omega Liquor Store 018-293-1623retail
A J R Motorworld 018-297-1111retail
Affordable Cars 018-294-3754retail
Autozone 018-297-4849retail
Autozone 018-297-4849retail
Avante Motors 018-293-0214retail
Bike Centre 018-294-7834retail
Bikers Paradise 018-297-4700retail
Canopy Empire 018-297-7779retail
Dada Motors 018-294-5516retail
Daly Auto 018-293-0612retail
Ford Dealers 018-293-0612retail
Henna Motors 018-290-9900retail
J & B Motors 018-297-3424retail
Kyalami Motors (Pty) Ltd 018-297-3921retail
L & J Motors 018-294-4864retail
Land Rover Dealers 018-293-0612retail
Madiba Motors 018-297-5538retail
Mahindra North West 018-297-0000retail
Mazda Dealers 018-293-0612retail
Mega Motors 018-294-3630retail
Motormark 018-297-0557retail
N B Car Sales 018-294-6169retail
Nissan Agents 018-294-5218retail
P & T Motors 018-293-0971retail
Biltong and Sweets World 018-297-6913retail
Little Pet Shop 018-293-1232retail
little pet shop 018-293-1232retail
Computer Corporation Pocthefstroom 018-293-0999retail
Boys Kantoormeubels & Skryfbehoeftes 018-297-5307retail
Budgets Office Supplies 018-294-5003retail
Canon 018-297-4488retail
Gizmo Office Solutions 018-293-2818retail
ITEC 018-294-8171retail
Jabulani Office Equipment 018-293-1954retail
Mahube Office Automation 018-293-1259retail
Minolta 018-293-2031retail
N B Enterprize 018-294-4382retail
Nashua North West 018-294-5302retail
North West Minolta 018-293-2031retail
North West Stationers 018-297-8757retail
P I V Kantoortoerusting 018-293-3705retail
PCI Computers 018-293-0421retail
Panasonic Business Systems 018-290-7088retail
Acme Stores - Furniture Dealers 018-297-3877retail
Afrox Ltd 018-297-1702retail
Badkamerwinkel 018-294-5753retail
Banks Decorating Warehouse 018-294-3062retail
Barnetts Furnishers 018-294-3681retail
Beares 018-293-2274retail
Bradlows 018-294-4288retail
C N A Riverwalk 018-294-3613retail
C T M 018-294-3011retail
Cardies 018-293-2561retail
Chalet Kwekery 018-290-8236retail
Clicks Store 018-293-0242retail
Clicks Store 018-293-0242retail
D I Pharmaceuticals 018-297-4072retail
D P I Plastics Pipes & Fittings 018-297-4687retail
Die Blomwinkeltjie 018-297-4902retail
Dingo Cycles 018-293-3456retail
Diskom Discount Stores 018-293-2109retail
Electric Express 018-294-5884retail
Ellerines Furnishers 018-293-1521retail
Fantasy Gifts 018-290-7232retail
Fascination Books 018-294-4308retail
Garden & Power Products 018-293-2741retail
Garden Pavilion 018-290-6113retail
Geen & Richards 018-297-3881retail
Golden West Mining Supplies 018-293-0435retail
H J & NR Building & Mining Supplies 018-297-5293retail
Habitat Verwe 018-294-5008retail
J J Granite & Marble 018-293-0578retail
Jasmyn Blomme & Geskenke 018-294-4641retail
Jungle Gym Pro 083-306-0070retail
King Carpets & Lights Trust 018-297-7712retail
Lapa King 018-298-1294retail
Lee Mining Supplies 018-294-8305retail
Liberty Marble & Granite 018-294-4995retail
Lubners Furnishers 018-297-5209retail
Lyncor Graniet Grafstene 018-297-6633retail
MTN Authorised & Franchise Dealer 018-294-5194retail
Makro's Pet Shop 018-297-8827retail
Maverick's Pet Health Food 018-297-1846retail
Midas 018-294-8886retail
Mooirivier Meubels 018-297-0900retail
Mooirivier Rekenaars 018-294-3129retail
Moredou Furnishers (Pty) Ltd 018-294-5181retail
Morkels 018-297-3981retail
Music Mania 018-293-1439retail
Musica 018-293-1439retail
Musikland 018-297-5567retail
N B Cash & Carry 018-294-5431retail
N B Fabric & Linen 018-294-6277retail
N B Kitchen Kingdom 018-294-4383retail
Naschem 018-299-8500retail
Nexis Computers 018-293-2994retail
OK Furniture 018-294-7040retail
Omnia Kunsmis 018-294-8644retail
One Price Store 018-297-3259retail
Ons Glas 018-297-5480retail
Orbicon One 018-297-6844retail
P G Glass 018-293-0532retail
Panasonic Air conditioners & Ventilating Systems 018-297-4596retail
Park Gifts & Florists 018-294-4859retail
Paryslaan Kwekery 018-290-6113retail
Planet Stationery 018-293-3469retail
Cash Crusaders 018-294-5674retail
Mooirivier Pandwinkel 018-294-8112retail
A K Sport & Leisure 018-297-7860retail
Carrim Sports & Fashion Wear 018-297-6813retail
L B Shoe & Sports 018-294-4418retail
Le Tour Cycle Specialists 018-290-7394retail
Mandies Sport 018-290-5937retail
Park Fietswinkel 018-294-4731retail
A & E Bookkeeping Services 018-290-5023services
Coetzee Financial Accountants 018-290-9747services
Hein Pretorius Rekenmeester 018-297-5728services
Kobus van Zyl Rekenmeesters 018-290-5018services
Newton Walker Accountants 018-294-3365services
Gizmo Designs 018-293-2818services
Arc Du Ple Architects 018-294-5250services
Conradie Architects 018-294-8828services
Mhiduve Consulting (Pty) Ltd 018-297-8829services
Naren Mistry Architects 018-297-1725services
ABSA Bank 018-293-8700services
Absa 018-294-2740services
African Bank Ltd 018-294-4635services
FNB 018-293-9750services
FNB 018-294-3424services
First National Bank 018-294-4241services
Land Bank 018-294-5391services
Nedbank 018-293-9800services
Old Mutual 018-294-5231services
Old Mutual 018-297-7310services
Standard Bank 018-297-7308services
Standard Bank 018-293-8500services
Abbey's Hair Salon 018-295-2880services
Annique Skoonheid Salon 018-294-5317services
Beauty Hair Salon 018-294-8531services
Colour Xtreme Nail Studio 018-293-1442services
Derma Pro Beauty Clinic 018-293-2445services
Dream Nails 018-294-8457services
Freddy's Unisex Salon 018-293-1345services
Hadassah Clinic 018-290-6470services
Hair Club Unisex 018-293-2449services
Health & Beauty by Annique 018-294-5371services
Kwandaa Rocks Hair and Beauty Salon 018-293-2732services
A G Construction 018-290-5562services
B & S Construction 018-294-6131services
Delta Staalwerke 018-297-5541services
Elec Mac Contractors 018-297-9168services
Glenads Building Contractors CC 018-291-1507services
Avanti Party Hire 083-533-9331services
Julipo Couriers 018-468-8860services
Piek-Up Express Courier Services 086-111-1927services
Post Office 018-290-5821services
Dr Dennis & Linda Du Toit 018-294-4324services
Dr P J Beukes Tandarts 018-294-4325services
Impressions Dry Cleaners 018-297-0836services
A C Elpro Electrical Refrigeration & Spares 018-293-0396services
Andre's Aircon & Refrigeration Services 018-297-4596services
Best Electrical 018-297-6942services
Elec Mac Electrical 018-297-8168services
Electrostar Electrical 018-297-5520services
Elpro Electrical and Refridgeration 018-297-4591services
Huyzers Elektriese Dienste 018-294-5086services
Lincoln Electric 086-054-6265services
Marnat Elektriese Dienste 018-290-7334services
Friendly Locksmith 076-218-2000services
Africon Engineering & Labour Hire 018-290-0042services
Arius Services & Products (Pty) Ltd 018-294-3291services
B K S (Pty) Ltd 018-294-8838services
Einstein Electrical Engineers 018-290-7932services
Franzell Engineering & Construction Contractors 083-229-2978services
Geyer Engineering 018-294-3049services
J R On Site Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd 018-291-1379services
Khatima Engineering Services 018-293-3965services
Merward Engineering 018-293-0306services
Metser Engineering Products 018-293-0658services
Mhiduve Consulting 018-297-8829services
Mildsteel Engineering 018-294-6819services
Rovic Engineering (PTY) 018-297-1319services
Van der Linde Engineering 084-457-1817services
A B C Cash Plus & Funeral Provider 018-294-6753services
A M G Cash Loans 018-293-3839services
Agathos Bluestar 018-293-9469services
Avante Cash Loans 018-294-7327services
CIP - Debt Counsellors 018-293-1434services
Elite Cash Loans 018-293-1771services
Erasmus & Farmer Professionele Rekenmeesters 083-639-1181services
F F G - Futurum Financial Group 018-293-0656services
MarisIT 082-458-9272services
Mr Cash Loans 018-293-2685services
Avbob 018-294-3269services
Dorotian Funeral Services 018-297-3672services
Freddie Swanepoel Begrafnisdienste 018-297-1388services
Funeral 2000 018-293-0692services
Martins Funeral Services 018-297-0982services
Molefe City Funerals 018-297-7426services
Obie's Grassnyer Dienste 018-293-1939services
Advert Square 086-111-1927services
Certain T-Shirts 018-297-4061services
Woema Graphic & Website design 083-333-4516services
APBCO Versekeringsmakerlaars 018-297-0044services
Albert Stafford Makelaars 018-297-0008services
Charter Life Insurance Co Ltd 018-297-8024services
Christo Meintjies Makelaars 018-297-5256services
Crime Scene Clean Up North West 072-114-2845services
Herman Smit Versekeringsmakelaars 018-294-3354services
Momentum 086-011-4930services
Nova Versekeringsmakelaars 018-297-2079services
T J Olivier & Mans 018-293-0452services
Botha Ingrid Labour Services 018-290-5560services
Causa Labour Solutions 018-297-6645services
Enable Employment Services 018-293-1805services
H & L Consultants 018-290-7195services
KEC Labour Consultants 018-290-7624services
Oryx Personnel & Associates 018-293-2815services
A A Attorneys 018-297-5598services
Andre May Attorneys 018-294-5841services
Awie Wright Attorneys 018-297-5575services
Carel Erasmus-Gaisfords Attorneys 018-297-5201services
Coetzee Prokureurs 018-297-7311services
Danie Richards Attorneys 018-297-8527services
De Villiers Attorneys 018-297-2090services
Delport Kobus & Kie 018-294-5611services
Ellis & Naude Attorneys 018-294-3282services
Fourie & Pieters Attorneys 018-293-0271services
Frans Kruger Prokureurs 018-293-0552services
Gerrit Coetzee Prokureurs 018-297-1310services
Gibbens G C 018-294-5251services
Gouws Hans Attorneys 018-297-7549services
Groenewald Hantie Prokureurs 018-297-3373services
Hannatjie van der Merwe Attorneys 018-293-1587services
Huisamen Attorneys 018-297-6123services
Jansen Jacques Attorneys 018-293-1011services
Jardaan Willie Prokureurs 018-294-8583services
Jeppe & Gabru Attorneys 018-297-8286services
Johan Horn Prokureurs 018-293-1144services
Johnny Ford & Kie 018-297-3833services
Klynveld – Gibbens 018-294-5251services
Kobus Delport & Kie 018-297-3666services
Kok & Van Staden Prokureurs 018-293-1891services
Moodie Prokureurs 018-293-0562services
Muller Mostert & Partners Attorneys 018-297-3841services
Neil Esterhuysen Prokureurs 018-293-2623services
TJ NAUDE PROKUREURS / ATTORNEYS 018-293-1753services
Dr Andre Heyns Gynecologist 018-294-8255services
Dr T. Chambers Chiropractor 018-294-6040services
Mens Clinic International (Pty) Ltd 086-036-2867services
PRETland Kliniek vir Kinderkinetika 018-299-1773services
Sentrum vir Diabete (Cornel Joubert) 083-379-6148services
Herald Newspaper 018-293-0750services
Mooivaal Media 018-293-0750services
North West Gazette 018-293-0750services
Anso Kunssentrum 018-294-8191services
Atlantic Internet Services 086-110-7107services
Eunice Bierman Audiologist 018-293-0567services
Fiele Services 018-290-1414services
Plumcor Loodgieter 083-626-6474services
Powerdrive BK 018-297-7801services
Talisman Plant & Tool Hire 018-293-2699services
Carl Grobler Optometrist 018-294-3241services
E W Grobler Optometrist 018-293-0380services
Oryx Personnel and Associates 018-294-4664services
The Human Capital Group 018-293-3607services
Alpha Chemist 018-297-5366services
Bothastraat Apteek 018-294-7714services
Cachet Apteek 018-294-4201services
Kampus Apteek 018-294-4072services
La Sante Pharmacy 018-297-2122services
Medi Plus Pharmacy 018-290-8083services
Medicine Chain Pharmacy 018-297-1769services
Medina Pharmacy 018-293-3665services
Miederpark Apteek 018-293-2222services
Mooirivier Apteek 018-297-7247services
Olien Pharmacy 018-293-1812services
Hot Shot Photique 071-354-6244services
Du Preez Loodgieters 018-294-8170services
Ernies Loodgieters 018-293-0026services
Hallaby Plumbers 018-297-0210services
Loo Mac Plumbers 018-297-8168services
North West Plumbing Contractors 018-297-1265services
Plumcor Loodgieters 083-626-6474services
Quick Fit Plumbing 082-964-0418services
Goldline Signs & Screen Printers CC 018-294-6618services
Jetline 018-297-7438services
Kodak Agente Topcolour 018-297-0835services
Lombard Print CC 018-294-5559services
Noordwes Drukkery 018-297-3831services
North West Signs 018-297-7361services
AIDA Properties 018-294-4295services
Alternative Property Marketing 018-297-8120services
Big Realestate 082-438-8620services
Bult Eiendomme 018-297-3201services
El Grande Real Estate 018-293-0876services
Emerald Sky Properties 018-293-0368services
Fine Living Real Estate 018-293-2520services
Homenet 018-294-3385services
Huizemark 018-297-8338services
Kruger T G Eiendomsagentskap 018-294-6544services
Luyt Eiendomme 018-297-8339services
Marizelle Eiendomme 018-290-7658services
Meyer & Co Estate Agents 018-294-5365services
Mooirivier Eiendomme 018-297-5027services
Pam Golding Properties 018-293-2042services
Property Profile Group 018-293-2883services
C S S Potchefstroom (Pty) Ltd 018-294-5629services
Cectronic's Security Systems 018-293-1582services
Charlie's Security 018-294-6065services
Deltronics Security 018-293-1402services
Electro Security Services 018-290-6690services
Fest Fire Security (Pty) Ltd 018-293-0776services
Gray Security Services (Pty) Ltd 018-297-5033services
J D R Executive Guards 018-297-4746services
JDB Security Projects 071-496-7027services
Mooirivier Beskerming 018-297-0796services
Net Star 018-293-2967services
TOGRA 018-297-1488services
Bult Garage CC 018-293-0155services
Emslies Service Station 018-294-7442services
Ikageng Service Station 084-442-7666services
J & B Motors 018-297-3424services
Kampus Diensstasie 018-293-0149services
Milali Motors 018-297-0342services
Mr Doe Filling Station 018-297-3430services
Potch Excel 018-294-8322services
Potch Sasol 018-294-8322services
Potch Truck Inn 018-290-1121services
Ren Convenience Centre 018-293-1007services
Uncle Arthur's 018-297-1908services
Van's Service Station 018-294-6478services
Zenex Kruis 018-297-0858services
Zenex Miederpark 018-294-8086services
Zwelies Service Station 018-295-2523services
Advantage Microsystems 018-297-7210services
Elite Computer Services 018-293-0331services
Gizmo Office Solutions 018-293-2818services
Reedflute Software Solutions 018-293-3236services
Aerolite Think Pink Ceiling 080-001-0000services
Aruis Services and Products 018-294-3291services
Bafana Bafana Entertainment Centre 018-293-1517services
Beauty & The Beast Hondesalon 018-294-4373services
Bernina 018-293-3822services
Bezuidenhout & Steyn Auditors 018-297-5457services
Carpet Cleaning Specialist 086-110-1766services
Charl Coetzer Inc. - Industrial Psychologists 018-293-3987services
Contract Cleaning Specialists SA (Pty) Ltd 086-008-0808services
Creative Photography & Video 018-294-8324services
D H L International 018-297-5272services
DPI Plastic Pipes and Fittings 018-294-4687services
Debt Sense Group 018-297-8484services
Dellas Glas 018-294-3209services
Dierebeskermingsvereniging 018-294-3856services
Discovery Consulting Services 018-293-2779services
Early Bird Services – Tv & Video Repairs 086-113-1313services
Floor Sanding 082-674-1066services
Four Seasons Caterers 018-290-6776services
Francois Coetzee & Kie Ouditeure 018-294-6149services
Gerhard van Wyk Makelaar 018-297-7824services
Glasfit 018-294-4284services
H G K Debt Collectors 018-297-0196services
Handigas 018-297-3716services
J & H Furniture Removals 018-290-6755services
J D Zimix Marketing & Construction 018-295-3660services
JFC Safety Services 018-293-2938services
James Shoe Repair 018-295-1357services
K D D Construction 018-293-2155services
Kimleigh Chemicals 018-293-1028services
Klaas Wyma Makelaar 018-297-7957services
Koek & Suikerkuns 018-294-4494services
Lektratek Instrumentasie 018-297-4663services
Lektratek Water Tegnologie 018-293-0487services
Lemmer Cronje – Fashion Designers 018-294-7678services
Medicross Healthcare Group (Pty) 086-010-1151services
Modern Auto Trimmers & Upholsterers 018-294-7459services
Mooirivier Painters 018-298-1073services
Mr Chatter Phone Services 018-294-6153services
Muckle Plant & Tool Hire 018-293-2716services
Multicare 018-293-3785services
Neethling Grasdakke 018-291-1253services
North West Medical Waste 018-297-0705services
Nortier Konstruksie 018-293-1448services
Old Mutual 018-294-5231services
Ons Spens Spyseniers 018-297-4694services
Pest Control Professionals 018-293-2261services
Pestatermite Pest Control 018-381-1390services
Pheiffer Professionele Konstruksiedienste 071-436-9066services
Sonskyn Skoonmaakdienste 082-582-6866services
Arrow Routes 082-951-6304services
Avis Rent-a-Car 018-290-8535services
Beytell Busdiens & Meubelvervoeders 018-290-5033services
Budget Rent a Car 018-297-1010services
Cargo Potchefstroom (Pty) Ltd 018-293-4200services
Dawkins Furniture Removal 018-290-7053services
Kruger Busdiens 018-290-7877services
Oranje Mining & Transport 018-296-0380services
Pickfords Removals 018-297-2210services
Rhino Shuttles 011-793-2282services
Sleepwaens//Trailers//Te huur//For hire 079-769-9755services
A & N Paneelkloppers 018-294-5525services
Ankers Brake & Clutch CC 018-297-4067services
Auto Body Repairs 018-293-0680services
Auto Body Spares 018-293-2479services
Bargain Motors 018-297-8291services
Battery Centre 018-294-6367services
C H I Control 018-297-0934services
C H K Motor Spares CC 018-297-8414services
Car Electronics 018-297-6992services
Cargo Motors Potchefstroom 018-293-4200services
Champion Tyres & Exhaust 018-293-2827services
Charlie's Insleepdiens 018-297-5887services
Connie's Wheel Alignment 018-297-2240services
Dent Doctor 018-297-6460services
Dunlop Accredited Dealers 018-293-0432services
Durathread Wheel and Tyre 018-293-1237services
Electric Motor Winders 018-297-5841services
Forsman Paneelkloppers 018-297-7670services
Harry's Bande 018-293-0432services
Henna Motors 018-290-9900services
Hi Tek Panelbeaters 018-297-7377services
Honda Potchefstroom 018-297-0000services
Joe's Tractor Spares 018-294-4197services
Kotwals Motor Spares 018-293-2040services
Kotwals Spares 018-293-0001services
Kotwals Xccessories 018-293-2902services
Kukard Paneelkloppers 018-293-0240services
Mabidi Tyre Services 018-293-1677services
Midas Motor Spares 018-294-8886services
Motech 018-297-5885services
Motor Gearbox & Diff Services 018-297-6870services
Multi Choice Car Care 018-294-8224services
NB Car Sales 018-294-6169services
Nigrini Batterye & Hidrouliese Dienste 018-294-7805services
Norlan Motors 018-462-5592services
North West Auto Electrical 018-293-1240services
North West Bumper Repairs 018-297-0959services
North West Motor Rewinders 018-294-3111services
North West Radiator Services 018-294-7596services
Oudedorp Insleepdiens 018-298-1340services
P & B Brake & Clutch 018-294-3956services
P J Panelbeaters & Spray Painters 018-297-2215services
PJ Panelbeaters 018-297-2215services
Potch Clutch and Brake 018-294-4897services
Potch Motorama 018-293-0288services
Turbo Land 018-290-8003services
Westvaal GM-Potchefstroom 018-297-7744services
Cynthia's Advertising 018-293-2818tourism_other
A A Wholesalers 018-297-1683wholesale
Daisy Dairy 018-290-7530wholesale
Gizmo Marketing 018-294-8277wholesale
King Liquor Wholesale 018-297-3557wholesale
Chubby Chick Outlet 018-297-0875wholesale
Chubby Chicks Farm Fresh Chickens 018-293-0202wholesale
Crest Choice Chickens (Pty) Ltd 018-292-1790wholesale
Haagners Poultry Farm 018-298-1138wholesale
King Food 018-293-7100wholesale
Klipdrif Boerdery 018-290-7530wholesale
Klipdrift Eiers 018-290-1612wholesale
Megasave 018-293-0000wholesale
O B C Chicken 018-297-1919wholesale
Clover 018-293-9700wholesale
Metro Cash & Carry 018-294-3221wholesale
N B Wholesalers 018-294-4381wholesale

business found in stilfontein

A.M.E. Rebuilders 018-484-4578manufacturing
J.J.G. Construction 018-484 1427manufacturing
Kentron Chicken World 018-484 4622manufacturing
Kos Vir Afrika 018-484 5049manufacturing
Concrete Lining Products 018-477 1734manufacturing
Flameco Steel cc 018-484 3490manufacturing
Stilfontein Staal & Konstruksie 018-484 6794manufacturing
Pitseng Meat Market 018-489 1121retail
A.B.C. Outfitters 018-484 3011retail
B.G.Outfitters 018-484 4335retail
Bridal Bliss & Event Planning 072-408-1556retail
Camajaci Mart (Sports & Outfitters) 082 373 4816retail
Arcadia Cafe 018-484 2028retail
Civic Centre Cafe 018-484 1864retail
Continental Supermarket & Bakery 018-484 5955retail
Fare & Square Supermarket 018-484 6716retail
Midtown Supermarket 018-484 3179retail
S.O.L.Quick Shop 018-484 4233retail
Spar 018-484 5542retail
TLC Enterprises 082-453-3619retail
Mini Hair Salon 018-489 2876retail
Deons Bottle Store 018-489 1180retail
Norvaal Bottle Store 018-484 3591retail
On The Spot Bottle Store 018-482 1304retail
Fourie Chris Motors 018-484 4341retail
J.M.C. Motors 018-484 3533retail
Keurboom Motors 018-484 5211retail
Pioneer Motors 018-484 1481retail
Stilfontein Motors 018-484 3737retail
T.Z.Car Sales 018-484 4327retail
Inter Computers 018 464 3446retail
X-plicit Computers 0723752226retail
Civic Stationery 018-484 3618retail
C.L. Enterprises 018-484 3277retail
D.C.N.Air Conditioning 018-484 5848retail
Discount Centre 018-482 1206retail
Du Toits Carpets 018-484 4389retail
Immortal Safety Products 018-484 2391retail
Klerksdorp Mining & Engineering Supplies 018-484 1592retail
Noordwes Scrapyard 018-484 1971retail
Northwest Mining Systems 018-484 3296retail
Stilfontein Mining Supplies 018-484 1191retail
Dynamic Pawn Winkel 018-484 2415retail
Snoekies Pandwinkel 018-484 2531retail
Camajaci Mart (Sports & Outfitters) 082-373-4816retail
Gage Sport Shop 018-484 6866retail
KMR Internet Connections 083-383-8839services
Charmeur Nails and Photo Memories 082-929-0248services
Diva Girl Hair Salon 082-795-7095services
EFlux Electrical CC 082-493-6060services
Electromac Contractors 082 258 8660services
Vics Auto Electrical & Repairs 018-484 2685services
Alnes Hydraulics & Engineering 018-484 3852services
C & V Engineering Supplies 018-484 3545services
Sannico Engineering Contractors 018-484 2570services
Seran Engineering & Supplies 018-484 1131services
Nimbus Water Technologies 011 395 3133services
F.C.Finances 018-484 3472services
The Match Factory Multimedia 073-337-3629services
R & G Brokers 018-484 1133services
Corporate Service Provider 018-771-7738services
C.O.Prime Health Services 018-484 6683services
De-Ka Pharmacy cc 018-484 2256services
Nandilene Apteek & Medisyne Depot 018-484 1995services
Golden Vision Optometrists 018-464-4903services
BRS Projects 071-648-7730services
Leaders Estates cc 018-484 3339services
Lindenberg & Kempff Properties/Eiendomme 018-484-5071services
smshomes 073-303-5236services
A.B.Refrigeration 083-388-8543services
Badisa Security Services cc 018-484 5035services
ProtectionONE 082-680-9422services
Khuma Motors 018-465-6935services
Stilfontein Quick Shop 018-484-4775services
TZ Car Sales 018-484-4327services
V & V Tyres 018-484-4341services
Direct Responce Marketing 018-484 4492services
JM Matwasse 076-850-2426services
A.A.J.Minig & Construction 018-484 4401services
A.M.Z.Freight 018-484 6413services
Anglo Crane Hire 018-484 2872services
Auto Glass & Repairs 018-484 4507services
Cementation Mining Skanska 018-487 3287services
Concor Technicrete 018-484 6234services
Corobrik Centres 018-484 1461services
Cosmetic Corner 018-484 6779services
D.P.Carpet Cleaning 018-484 4040services
Delmos BPK 018-484 5509services
F.S. Mining Services 018-484 2910services
G.T.C.Plumbing Contractors & Supplies 018-484 1084services
Inter-Flex Services 018-484 4070services
J.C.Blasters 018-484 2034services
O.M.V. Crushers 018-484 4388services
S & H Pump & Meter Services 018-484 2019services
Andrews TV & Video Repairs 018-484 5326services
Bubbles Car Wash 018-484 5555services
C.R.Tune Up Centre 018-477 1205services
Car Aid Service Station 018-484 5319services
Clutch & Brake 018-484 2987services
G.Y. Auto Clinic 018-484 6066services
Haco Engines cc 018-484 1729services
Stilfontein Panelbeaters & Spraypainters 018-484 2341services
Stilfontein Frozen Foods 018-484 6645wholesale

business found in ventersdorp

C I H Equipment 018-264-3005business_other
Chrisma Kwekery 018-264-2554business_other
Dawie Badenhorst Afslaers 019-264-3066business_other
Dinamic Changes 018-264-3900business_other
Ellerines 018-264-4650business_other
Eltron Auto 018-264-2311business_other
Erica's Desings 018-264-4147business_other
Forum SA Trading 129 (Pty) Ltd 018-264-3602business_other
Four Rivers Trading (Pty) Ltd 018-264-2070business_other
J I K Agentskappe 018-264-3193business_other
K B D Brandstof Verspreiding 018-264-2357business_other
Karoo OCHE: Verteenwoordiger 018-264-2762business_other
Laas Beleggings (Edms) Bpk 018-264-3445business_other
Madikor 24 018-264-3386business_other
Makokskraal Graansilo 018-264-3080business_other
Melko Melkmasjiene & Rubber 018-264-3164business_other
Middleground Trading 251 CC 018-264-3722business_other
Mirutex Verf Fabriek 018-264-3169business_other
Motara Sentrum 018-264-2135business_other
Northside Distillery 018-264-2336business_other
P T L Agentskappe: Saad Kunsmis Veevoer 018-264-2157business_other
POST OFFICE 018-264-2144business_other
Pages Stores 018-264-3262business_other
READY TOT 018-264-3686business_other
Raamplek 018-264-3394business_other
Redspot Seep 018-264-3865business_other
Rhino Imports 018-264-2169business_other
Rhino Landbou Dienste 018-264-2449business_other
Rhino Skaar 018-264-2999business_other
SPOORNET: Division of Transnet 080-011-5800business_other
STATE VETERINARIAN 018-264-3159business_other
Season Star Trading 018-264-4506business_other
Senwes Bpk 018-264-2043business_other
Staffgro (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349business_other
Tolmay Boerdery Trust 018-264-2332business_other
Totpak Sachet Marketing (Pty) Ltd 018-264-2626business_other
Trans Hex Operations 018-264-8100business_other
Turkstra 018-264-4951business_other
Van Vuuren Jaap Werkswinkel 018-264-3956business_other
Ventersdorp IEC 018-264-4675business_other
Ventersdorp Kolehandelaar 018-264-2255business_other
Ventersdorp Watermeule 018-264-2156business_other
Viljoen se Kontant Winkel 018-264-3303business_other
WES TVL Sekerheidsdienste 082-325-3694business_other
Wadee SM & Sons 018-264-2000business_other
Wawiel Padstal 018-264-3905business_other
Wesland Chemiese Dienste 018-264-2453business_other
Wilco van der Schyff Boerdery 018-264-3208business_other
G J Fourie Boumateriaal/Elektrieseware 018-264-2095manufacturing
Wesnick Steenmakery 018-264-3351manufacturing
Ann's Take Aways 018-264-2651manufacturing
Buffalo Steak Ranch 018-264-4901manufacturing
Choice Chickens 018-264-3101manufacturing
Circle Meat Supplies 018-264-4212manufacturing
Fast Food Take Away 018-264-3021manufacturing
King Fruit & Veg 018-264-4756manufacturing
Lurinco Foods 018-264-3994manufacturing
Makokskraal Boerdery 018-264-3361manufacturing
Ventersdorp Kommando 018-264-2142none
Schoonspruit Slaghuis 018-264-2888retail
Ventersdorp Selfbediening Slaghuis 018-264-3196retail
Ventersdorp Slagpale 018-264-2165retail
Ventersdorp Vleismark 018-264-3174retail
Wawiel Hoender Slagpale 018-264-3905retail
Feeture DIscount Shoes 018-264-2596retail
Foschini Pty 018-265-3602retail
Melite Skoenwinkel 018-264-3147retail
Mohammed Motara Fashion Ware 018-264-4218retail
Motara Uitrusters 018-264-3135retail
Pep Stores 018-264-3152retail
Young Look Boutique 018-264-3046retail
Alec's Supermarket 018-264-3070retail
Alpha Kwikspar & Take Aways 018-264-3269retail
Danny's Tuckshop 018-264-3649retail
Mikstok Die Geskenkewinkel/Tuisgebak 018-264-2720retail
Motaras Store 018-264-2281retail
OK Foods 018-264-2254retail
Ollies Kafee 018-264-3177retail
Sybil's Cash & Carry 018-264-2139retail
Uitspan Kafee 018-264-2232retail
Ventersdorp Padkafee 018-264-2265retail
Etruscan Diamonds (Pty) Ltd 018-264-4514retail
Town Liquor Store 018-264-4676retail
Ventersorp Bottlestore 018-264-2133retail
Elandskuil Diensstasie 018-264-2063retail
M & A Bande 018-264-3116retail
Trentyre 018-264-2043retail
Voorwaarts Diens Stasie Motors 018-264-2075retail
Andrag Agrico Delta 018-264-2090retail
Eureka Boekwinkel 018-264-3187retail
Lewis Stores (Pty) Ltd 018-264-2111retail
South African Airways 086-160-6606services
ABSA Bank 018-264-3033services
LOST CARDS & AUTOBANKS 080-002-0600services
STANDARD BANK OF SA LTD 018-264-2064services
Standard Bank of SA Ltd 086-010-1341services
Sun Couriers Agent 018-264-2156services
Robinson PS Dr 018-264-3549services
A B Auto Electrical 018-264-3252services
Theuns Elektries 018-264-3067services
Wes-Vaal Ingeneurswerke 018-264-3126services
Caroline Makelaars 018-264-2855services
Dorotian Funeral Services 018-264-4974services
Du Toit & Kie Boekhouers 018-264-3036services
Hannes Louw Bemarking 018-264-2323services
IP Makelaars Trust 018-264-2719services
Louhen Consultants CC 018-264-2591services
Louhen Financial Services 018-264-2591services
Marx TI Memarkingsbeampte 018-264-2246services
Paradise Creek Investment 018-264-4705services
Vleissentraal BPK: Bemarkingsbeampte 018-264-3761services
Eli-Shammah Begrafnis Ondernemers 018-264-3098services
RCM Coffins 018-264-2605services
Saffas Begrafnisdienste 018-264-2010services
Salon Agatha's 018-264-3163services
Allan Weideman Prokureur 018-264-2329services
Durand Prokureurs 018-264-4738services
Jooste & Pretorius Prokureurs 018-264-4825services
Naude & Scheepers Prokureurs 018-264-2377services
Pretorius & Jooste Prokureurs 018-264-4825services
Spoelstra en Nel Prokureurs 018-264-3024services
Chamber TS Dr 018-264-3076services
Engelbrecht GC DR 018-264-3076services
Motara MS Dr Medical Practitioner 018-264-3001services
Schmitz Engelbrecht & Chambers 018-264-3076services
Verity Bokamoso Health Consultants 018-264-4762services
Mairais Oloff Dr: Vearts 018-264-3441services
Grobler EW Oogkundige 018-264-3235services
Ventersdorp Apteek 018-264-2143services
Die Beste in die Weste 018-264-2269services
Poppy's Motors 018-264-2913services
Excell Cellular & Computing 018-264-4422services
Salon Agatha's 018-264-3163services
Same Day Shoe Repairs 018-264-3389services
T M T Services and Supplies 018-264-4748services
Timmerman 018-264-3245services
Fantus Transport 018-264-3156services
Kobus Hartzer Vervoer 018-264-3153services
Legal Wheels 018-264-2415services
Niemand G J & Seuns Vervoer 018-264-2804services
Thusanang Transport Service 018-264-2247services
Greyling Ben Vervoer 018-264-3250services
Poppy's Motors 018-264-2913services
Western Ford 018-264-3050services
Western Ford 018-264-3050services

business found in wolmaransstad

Bakang Investment Corporation 011-021-6876business_other
A K Meubels 018-596-1847business_other
Alannta Melkery 018-597-4030business_other
Alles-In-Een (Edms) Bpk 018-596-1410business_other
Ally's Store 018-596-1697business_other
Almina Fabricks cc 018-596-2300business_other
Alsa Granite 018-596-1616business_other
Alwyn & Sons 018-596-2075business_other
Atties Omheining 018-597-4710business_other
B K BPK Handel 018-596-1604business_other
Bell Equipment CO SA (Pty) Ltd 018-596-2319business_other
Biltong Den 018-596-1398business_other
Cashwise 018-596-2693business_other
Charon Glas 018-596-1180business_other
City Express Stores 018-596-1869business_other
Cockeran 018-596-2379business_other
Desmond Equipment 018-596-1711business_other
Desperado 018-596-2596business_other
Die Geel Huis 018-596-1669business_other
Doosan Infracore SA (Pty) Ltd 018-596-3024business_other
Dunlop Accredited Dealers 018-596-1411business_other
E L B Equipment Ltd 019-596-1016business_other
Elan's Portuguese Market 018-596-1700business_other
Elnatan Bakkery & Kafee 018-596-1048business_other
Eskom: Sharecall 086-053-5535business_other
Essop 018-597-1786business_other
Exel Inn 018-596-2141business_other
FONDO AA 018-595-1375business_other
Fleetgaurd Filter Distributors 018-596-2244business_other
Flippies Diens 018-597-4059business_other
Fraai Vroutjie 018-596-2159business_other
G J Knoetze-Westvaal Dienste 018-596-2255business_other
GMO 018-596-1846business_other
Gesondheid 018-596-1153business_other
Honeykrans Kontantwinkel 018-597-4075business_other
Huisvrou Die Naaldwerkbenodighede 018-596-2655business_other
Hydropart 018-596-1491business_other
IHK Properties (Pty) Ltd 018-596-3008business_other
JD van Niekerk Eiendomsagent 018-596-1119business_other
Jasmyn Boetiek 018-596-2313business_other
Kagiso Store 018-596-2998business_other
Kairuz Spares 018-596-1989business_other
Kelly's Ingeneurswerke 018-596-2514business_other
Koffiespruit Boerdery 018-597-4140business_other
Komatsu Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd 018-596-2244business_other
Kooreyshi Development (Pty) Ltd 018-596-2046business_other
Landbou: Natuurbewaring 018-596-1997business_other
Leomar Kwekery 019-596-1814business_other
Macks Petroleum 018-596-1612business_other
Micro Manufacturing Centre 018-596-2634business_other
Midfran 018-596-1799business_other
My Office 018-596-2667business_other
New Way Power Systems 018-596-2007business_other
Overvaal Nuus 018-596-1772business_other
Papa Super Maize Meal 018-596-1112business_other
Patels Commercial Agencies 018-597-4035business_other
Paw-Paw's Trading 018-596-1872business_other
Rethabile Store 018-595-1025business_other
Roil Lubricants 082-554-1511business_other
Saamstaan Multicare 018-597-4728business_other
Senwes Bpk 018-596-1470business_other
Skaap & Wolbeampte 018-596-1042business_other
Smartglass 086-069-5695business_other
Sollies Bros 018-596-1111business_other
Solly's Bazaars 018-596-2934business_other
Sonnekus 018-596-1579business_other
Suidwes Landbou 018-596-1076business_other
Tau Rollermeule 018-596-1188business_other
Theunissen Medewerkers 018-596-1146business_other
Transwes Handelaars 018-596-1707business_other
Tshoba's Skills Developers cc 018-596-3050business_other
Tshwatlaganang Cash Loans 018-596-3015business_other
Wedge Exploration 018-596-2889business_other
Wesvaal Dienste & Grondverskuiwing 018-596-2755business_other
Wolmaransstad Kommando 018-596-1109business_other
Wolmaransstad Naaldwerk 018-596-1689business_other
Wolmaransstad Staal & Sweiswerke 018-596-1512business_other
Wonderlock 018-598-6775business_other
Zayden (Pty) Ltd 018-596-1129business_other
B B Delta 018-596-2216none
F & C Slaghuis 018-596-1305retail
Model Slaghuis 018-597-4014retail
Noordwes Slaghuis 018-596-1874retail
Wolmaransstad Butchery 018-596-2109retail
Ackermans (Pty) Ltd 018-596-1288retail
Fashion Express 018-596-2695retail
Jet 018-596-2787retail
Central Supermarket 018-596-2305retail
Friendly Cash & Carry 018-597-4435retail
Goal Quality Foods 018-596-2599retail
Kagiso Supermark 018-597-5580retail
Kopano Cash & Carry 018-595-1188retail
Panorama Fruiterers & Cafe 018-596-1306retail
Shoprite 018-596-9100retail
Wolmaransstad Food Zone 018-596-1265retail
Salon Faidene 018-596-2003retail
Salon Ju-Anita 018-596-2102retail
Salon Martin 018-596-2012retail
Henmar Boumateriaal & Hardeware 018-596-1607retail
Beytell's Juweliers 018-596-2607retail
D E E Diamantslypery (Edms) Bpk 018-596-1110retail
North West Diamond Brokers 018-596-2215retail
TR Diamante 018-596-1764retail
Werner Uys Diamant Sentrum 018-596-2597retail
Beatman Liquor 018-596-2016retail
Dallas Drankwinkel 018-596-1911retail
Panorama Liquor Store 018-596-1502retail
Union Bottle Store 018-597-4037retail
Wolmaransstad Drankwinkel 018-596-1212retail
Caltex Wolmaransstad 018-596-2721retail
Champion Tyre & Exhaust 018-596-1411retail
Diamond Spares 018-596-2719retail
G D P Onderdele 018-596-2770retail
M M Bande 018-596-1903retail
Makwassie Vulstatie 018-597-4295retail
R A Motors 018-596-1177retail
Ribenco Motor Onderdele 018-596-1633retail
Salm Onderdele 018-596-1680retail
Total (Wolmaransstad) 018-596-2198retail
Western Spares 018-596-2835retail
Artistic Stationaries 018-597-4244retail
Lombay Drukkers 018-596-1405retail
Ellerines - Wolmaransstad 018-596-2344retail
Lekkerbek 018-596-2944retail
Lewis Stores (Pty) Ltd 018-596-1085retail
Big Deal Pandwinkel 018-597-4469retail
Drostdy Antiques 083-262-0387retail
ABSA BANK BPK 018-596-9000services
First National Bank 018-596-1080services
Old Mutual 018-596-1140services
Sanlam 018-596-1156services
Standard Bank of SA Ltd 086-010-1341services
Standard Bank van SA Bpk: 018-596-9300services
Naude JP Dr 018-596-2010services
Winter AL Dr 018-596-3027services
Anet Skoonheids & Verslankings Kliniek 018-596-2623services
Top Droogskoonmakers 018-596-1667services
Hi-Tech Auto Electrician 018-596-2875services
Ossies Elektriese Dienste 018-597-4678services
Tehillah Electrical & Hardware 018-596-1919services
A A R Ingeneurswerke (Edms) Bpk 018-596-2011services
A J Ingeneurswerke 018-596-1088services
Booysen Boekhouers 018-596-2757services
Deka-Beleggings Finansierings & Onderdele 018-596-1600services
Gerrie van Rensburg & Kie 018-596-1125services
Johan Pheiffer Finansiele Advisuers 018-596-1156services
L T L Versekerings Makelaars 018-596-2184services
Migrow Finance 018-596-2768services
Pheiffer Johan Finansiele Adviseurs 018-596-1156services
Rensco & Renvert Boekhouers 018-596-1125services
AVBOB: Funerals Cremations Tombstones 018-596-1304services
Ipopeng Funeral Undertakers 018-597-4971services
Saffas Begrafnisdienste 018-596-1126services
Tazzmania Funeral Services 018-596-2883services
Trisane Funeral Parlour 018-596-1044services
Wesvaal Begrafnisondernemers 018-596-1126services
Taljaard Nieuwoudt & van Tonder 018-596-1073services
Blaauw D Dr 018-596-1184services
Blaauw GF Dr 018-596-2990services
Coetzee GMJ Dr 018-596-2529services
Hospitaal 018-596-1100services
Meyer G Dr 018-596-1063services
Nieuwoudt JH Dr 018-597-5511services
SA Instituut vir Mediese Navorsing 018-596-1708services
Wolmaransstad Oogkundiges 018-596-2778services
J A Erasmus Apteek 018-596-1606services
Medicine Chain Pharmacy 018-596-1805services
Temza Photo and Video Production 072-125-4262services
Van Niekerk Eiendomme 018-596-1165services
Cectronics Sekuriteit 018-596-1034services
Fest Fire Security (Pty) Ltd 086-106-6969services
JNC Security cc 018-596-2878services
Aznip Convenience Centre 018-596-1190services
Franland Motors 018-596-2936services
Inn 018-596-2141services
Atlantic Internet Services (Pty) Ltd 086-111-3942services
Build IT 018-596-1450services
Lathi Printing Cafe 018-596-1293services
Clencor (Pty) Ltd 018-468-5349services
De Beer Eiendomme 018-596-1704services
Donic Interiors 018-596-1164services
P G Glass 018-596-1025services
Post Office 018-596-1807services
Serame Training Services 018-595-1304services
Zurina's Uitrusters 018-596-2006services
Mighty Maquassie Hills Taxi 018-596-2616services
Ofir Transport 018-596-2303services
Aznip Motors (Edms) Bpk 018-596-1190services
BP Diensstasie 018-596-2141services
Battery Tech 018-596-2614services
Elba Motors 018-596-2638services
J&S Paneelkloppers 018-596-2489services
N & N Diesel & Auto 018-596-1412services
Supa Quick Auto Centres 018-596-1984services
Wollies Auto 018-596-2973services
Wolmaransstad Radiators 018-596-2458services
Beatman Cash & Carry 018-596-2972wholesale
Metro Cash & Carry 018-596-1092wholesale
Sky Wholesales Tissues 018-596-2977wholesale